Wombat Plush Bed - Kazoo Pet Co
Wombat Plush Bed
From $149.95
Wombat Bed - Sky Blue - Kazoo Pet Co
Wombat Bed - Sky Blue
From $149.95
Wombat Bed - Midnight Blue - Kazoo Pet Co
Verandah Bed - Kazoo Pet Co
Verandah Bed
From $79.95
Sprinkles Snuggle Bed
Sprinkles Snuggle Bed
From $59.95
Pouch Bed - Kazoo Pet Co
Pouch Bed
From $44.95
Possum Bed - Kazoo Pet Co
Possum Bed
From $99.95
Porch Pillow Bed - Kazoo Pet Co
Porch Pillow Bed
From $75.00
Polkadot Snuggle Bed - Grey & Peach - Kazoo Pet Co
Peacock Bed - Storm Grey
Peacock Bed - Seafoam - Kazoo Pet Co
Peacock Bed - Seafoam
From $59.95
Peacock Bed - Feather Green
kazoo dog coats

Who wore it best? The ultimutt dog fashion showdown & giveaway

It’s finally here folks.

The furshionista event of the year, featuring everyone's best-dressed friends.

All of our houndsome models have been snapped by the paparazzi busy rocking the latest fashions from Kazoo on the dogwalks and now we need you to decide which one wore it best for your chance to WIN your very own Kazoo Winter Warmer! Now wouldn’t that get the tail wagging? 

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Aussie Bulldog wears Kazoo dog coat

The seasons are changing, shouldn't the dog coats?

Most of the time, fur is great. But in winter, when it cold and wet, sometimes having fur ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. We get chilled to the bone (mmmm bone), soaked to the skin and covered in mud. 

And that’s why sometimes, Mother Nature needs a helping paw. 


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Dogs have owners, cats have staff

Dogs have owners, cats have staff

When you live with cats and dogs you quickly notice the differences between the two species.

Dogs live in your world. They fit in around you and do their best to make you happy.

But with cats, well things are slightly different. With cats, you’re living in their world. They are the rulers of the home.

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