Sprinkles Snuggle Bed

Chart Right

Cute and cosy, this round snuggler bed acts as the perfect little cocoon for your pet. They can curl up or stretch out into the soft padded foam walls and cushy inner pillow. 


Width: 55cm 
Depth: 49cm 
Height: 21cm

Width: 70cm 
Depth: 63cm 
Height: 22cm

Width: 83cm 
Depth: 70cm 
Height: 28cm

Width: 104cm
Depth: 98cm 
Height: 32cm



The cover is stitched into the bed, so not removable, however, the whole bed can be washed.

  • Hand wash bed in cool water with mild soap
  • If the bed fits into a washing machine, you can wash on a gentle setting with mild soap
  • Hang and air dry - or tumble dry on cool setting (if the bed fits!)