Easter Bone Dog Cookie - Assorted

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Easter Bone Dog Cookie - Assorted

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Dogs have got a bone to pick with us hoomans. Every Easter, we gorge ourselves on heaps of yummy chocolate and they don’t get a single solitary bite. And whilst we know that chocolate is poisonous to dogs, they don’t know that, and don’t understand why they aren’t getting to share in the great family chocolate munch.

But luckily, the klever folk at Kazoo are here to save the day with these Easter Bone Cookies. These dog biscuit treats don’t just look and taste yummy, they’ve got the added bone-us of being made with ingredients that won’t harm their tummy. So, make sure you have Easter sorted for your dog by chewsing these healthy and tasty assorted Bone Cookies.

High protein flour, free range egg, vegetable oil, beef liver chips, natural colors & flavors, sugar, carob & yoghurt. All lovingly mixed, baked to perfection and hand-crafted into these fun Easter dog biscuits.

Cookies colours are chosen at random. You can always leave a comment with your colour preference and we can try our best to get it to you, however it depends on stock levels as cookies are baked fresh in mixed batches.

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