Easter Egg Dog Cookie - Assorted

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Easter Egg Dog Cookie - Assorted

SKU: 10157
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It’s Easter and you and your fam are all munching on chocolate, raisin toast, hot cross buns etc. But the poor old doggoes can’t eat any of those things. Don’t get us wrong, they want to, but they’re not good for them.

Furtunately salvation is at paw. With these delicious and nutritious Easter Egg dog cookie treats. They look like hooman food, they even taste like hooman food but they’re actually baked dog treats made with all-natural ingredients that won’t upset their digestion or be hazardous to their health. So now your pooch can have a piece of Easter without having a piece of chocolate!

High protein flour, free range egg, vegetable oil, beef liver chips, natural colors & flavors, sugar, carob & yoghurt. All artfully blended together, baked to perfection and handmade to create these baked dog biscuits.

Cookies colours are chosen at random. You can always leave a comment with your colour preference and we can try our best to get it to you, however it depends on stock levels as cookies are baked fresh in mixed batches.

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