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    Decorating your aquarium is a great opportunity to get creative, and make your fish's life a lot more fun!
    Let your imagination go wild with these hand-painted novelty ornaments, creating little hideouts and a unique aquascape. 
    For more tips on setting up an aquarium see our blog post.

    15 products
    Police Box
    from $5.95
    Telephone Box
    from $5.95
    Floating Hot Air Balloon - Medium - Kazoo Pet Co
    Floating Hot Air Balloon
    No Fishing Sign
    Digger - Medium - Kazoo Pet Co
    Front Loader - Medium - Kazoo Pet Co
    Front Loader
    Bubbling Crashed Plane With Plants - X Large - Kazoo Pet Co
    Bubbling Crashed Plane With Plants
    Seahorse With Plant
    Chess Piece
    from $10.95
    Chess Pieces
    Fluro Dinosaur
    Walking Astronaut - Large - Kazoo Pet Co
    Walking Astronaut
    from $15.95
    Fairy With Mushroom
    Sold Out
    Cartoon Space Shuttle - Small - Kazoo Pet Co
    Cartoon Space Shuttle
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