Nothing beats hearing that roaring contented purr of your pet cat, their pawing pleasure or their slinky cuddle. Our range of cat furniture, bedding and scratch posts will keep your feline friend happy and will help to keep their claws away from your couch. We offer a huge variety of indoor cat playgrounds and sleeping options as well as a unique outdoor cat enclosure that will keep them safe and supervised.

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Enrichment ideas for cats

We are way more intelligent than dogs. Enrichment can help us to stay calm, happy and free of any stress or behavioural problems you might have noticed your feline friends. Learn all about it here.

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Learn all about play personalities

While most toys help to keep us happy, healthy, and entertained, it’s true that felines can be fussy. Take our Catplay Quiz and keep reading to find out which kind of cat play really makes our day!

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Kitty grooming guide

Ever wondered what cats think about being groomed? So did we, so we asked Smudge, a cat belonging to one of our Krew, for a comment. Here’s what she came back with.

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The cat's out of the bag

Want the inside scoop on what they're really thinking and feeling? Read here.

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Royalty of the household

Dog's have owners. Cats have servants. That's why they deserve only the best. Read about getting your kitty a throne of their own.

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Adopt, don't shop

Wanting to add to your furrmily? Before you set your heart on a purebred, come with us for a minute as we take you into the heart-warming and sometimes heartbreaking story of pet rescue.

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