3 Chambers Den


With cats, you’re living in their world. Now don’t think that because you are a courtier your cat doesn’t love you. He most assuredly does. It’s just that he loves you in his own way and on his own terms. So what can you do to ensure you keep the “royalty” of the household happy?
Well, the first thing, is to get them a throne. Something like this plush den purrhaps.
Featuring a plush cushion bed for the regal slumber, and sturdy scratch walls with strong sisal rope for when your majesty wishes to frolic. The tough sisal build enables them to remove the dead outer layer of his claws, mark his territory and stretch and flex. FELINE GOOD.


  • Hanging play ball on stretch rope
  • 3 x plush sleeping dens
  • Sturdy frame built to last and handle tough play 

Width: 40cm
Depth: 40cm
Height: 100cm

  • Furniture grade plush fabric - charcoal
  • High quality, tough-wearing sisal - charcoal