5 Level Playground - Cream


C’mon, everyone knows cats love cream. You didn’t think Kazoo would leave it out of their colour range did ya?

And speaking of cream, I like to milk every last drop of fun out of this level 5 playground. It’s got a hanging play ball, sisal scratchboards and posts, platforms and hideouts, and not one bed, but two. Sometimes I sleep in one and sometimes in the udder. Geddit? Bad cat joke.


  • Hanging play ball on stretch rope
  • 2 x plush beds
  • Sisal scratchboard and posts
  • Sturdy frame built to last and handle tough play 



Width: 60cm
Depth: 50cm
Height: 158cm

  • Furniture grade plush fabric - charcoal
  • High quality, tough-wearing sisal - grey or cream

This is a quality item and heavy. It weighs approx 40kg. It comes dismantled and is easy to hand assemble - tools and instructions included.