A dog-tired guide to comfy bedding

So I guess that makes me a guide dog, right?

Now, to make sure that we give the beds a really tough test, I’ve rounded up a few of my mates to give me a paw. 

So, let me walk you through the pack.

Puppy called Milly sitting on soft dog bed with block of purple text introducing her


Aussie bulldog sitting on bed with soft toy next to purple copy introducing her

So, now you’ve met the crew let’s unleash them on the beds, shall we? 

Seeing as we all start as puppies, it kinda makes sense that we start with a puppy.

So I’m gonna hand the microbone over to Millie.


Puppy in cube shaped soft dog bed
Hey, everyone. Ohhh this is so exciting, so many different things to smell and climb on. Where shall I start? Ooohh this one looks nice…..

It’s called a Cave Bed. I love it cause I can clamber all over the sides and literally fall into bed. And once I’m in I can nestle into a snugly corner and feel nice and safe. Plus it’s got reversible cushions, so I can have it extra comfy for winter and cooler for summer. 

I also had a good chew on it and I’ve got to say it’s pretty tough. My baby teeth are still hurting. 

Oh, and before I forget, it’s water resistant. Which is great if I have an accident. O.K, when I have an accident. 

 (Available exclusively in pet stores - find one here)


Golden puppy sitting in soft fluffy shag pile round blue dog bed
The Peacock bed... I labrADORE this one, it gets a pawfect 5/5 score from me! It’s all soft and furry like mum. Plus the high walls make me feel like I’m protected on all sides. Puppies love to feel safe. 

And when I lay my head on the walls, they’re so comfy I start to fa…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzz 


Cat and puppy in round blue dog bed
Hi humans. I’m purrty relaxed about sleep time. Really, I catnap A LOT, and it’s usually on my people’s bed. SO, it takes a damn good bed to get me snoozing elsewhere.

First up, I liked the texture of this bed. Those ribbed grooves felt great to snuggle in to. And the shape is ideal for a princess like me. It wraps around me and makes me feel all safe and relaxed. 

Only problem is, my sister took a shine to it, and then, so did Millie. But a few hisses and a quick flash of the claws soon took care of that problem. 


 Cat laying in soft round ribbed green cat bed called the Joey Bed
Technically the Joey bed is for dogs and cats, but this one is mine. ALL mine. Anyhow, you know what I love most about it? I feel like I’m encased in a doughnut. The really high soft walls are soothing and they touch me on all sides so I feel like I’m super safe. I’m telling you right now. If Millie, or my sister comes back, the fur is going to fly. 


Scruffy looking dog laying on blue mattress style dog bed called the Porch Pillow Bed
Right, who’s up? Oh it’s me is it? 

O.k. So let me tell you this straight up. I don’t need no high walls on my bed. 

When I go for a run, I go hard. I play fight, I dig, I chase that hoop thing that dad bought me, I run after birds (one day I’ll get one, I swear) and I plunge into the creek. 

And after that I’m pooped. And I’ve pooped.

Don’t forget, a one hour walk in your time is 7 hours in mine. Dunno ‘bout you, but after 7 hours running flat out, I’m dog-tired.  I could sleep on a bed of echidna spikes. 

Having said that, I’ve grown pretty attached to this little ripper. The Porch Pillow.

First up, it’s waterproof. Which is great when you’re like me and can’t resist diving into any pond, creek or river I come across. 

It’s also really easy to rinse.

But best of all, it comes in two different colours, one each side. So when it’s muddy (which is pretty much all the time with me,) my mum just flips it over. 

On top of that, it’s pretty comfy and I generally manage to grab a quick 9 hours or so before my next adventure kicks off.


Scruffy looking dog laying on soft fluffy grey dog bed called the Wombat Bed
You’ve seen my legs right? They’re pretty skinny. And when I jump around trying to catch hoops, run for 7 hours straight (my hours,) or jump into a stony creek, it puts a lot of pressure on my body. 

And that’s why this comfy doggie bed is great for a Schnauzer, or Schnoozer, like me.

First up, it’s built to last. Which is pawfect, cause I’m always rough-housing on it with my mum and dad. 

But best of all, it’s a dead-set orthopedic bed, just like you humans use. With thick memory foam that bends to the shape of my body. 

And it’s got slightly raised sides which are just the right height for me to put my head on. 

Ahhh, it’s foamez for Gomez!


Golden Aussie Bulldog laying on sky blue mattress style dog bed called the Wombat Bed
Oh, so I get to go last, do I? Why’s that? Cause I’m the heaviest?

Look, I’ll tell you the same thing I tell everyone else. It’s not fat, it’s muscle. And anyway, it’s hereditary. And I’m a little sensitive about it. So can we just move on. GGGGrrrrrrrrrrr.

I love being spooned when I’m asleep, and this bed fits me like a glove. 

It’s got a sturdy foam base that doesn’t loose its shape even with us bigger gals.

I love the colour too. Mum says it really brings out the golden hues to my coat. Plus, this pretty cover is fully removable and washable. Why do I care? Well, if you must know, it’s cause I tend to drool a bit. But no biggie... Everyone loves sloppy wet kisses right? I’m grrrreat at those!


Golden Aussie Bulldog laying on plush grooved dog bed called the Possum Bed
I’ve tried a lot of dog beds in my time, but this one is impossumble to resist. See what I did there?

Know why I like it so much?

Cause it’s groovy. It has deep grooves and dense memory foam that support my, ahh, bigger frame. 

It’s a stylish looking beast, just like I am, and it has the perfect height walls to make me feel secure. Not that anything’s gonna attack me, but, well you know….

It’s a close call, but for me, the Possum Bed wins by a short head. Just like mine.


Two dogs sitting up in grey mattress style dog bed

All of this bed modelling has taken its toll. So now it’s time to give these beds a really thorough testing. Just a quick nine hours or so. 

Hopefully your dog’s seen something in here that got his tail wagging. If so, be a dog’s best friend and fetch your pooch a Kazoo bed. We guarantee, he’ll be a cloud nine canine. 

Go to Kazoo.com.au or visit one of our awesome stockists to find out more.

Purple type - Fangs a lot with paw print 




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