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    Dogs hair grows in cycles, it's a natural process whereby old hair falls out to make way for new coat growth. We do it year round, but it really ramps up in spring and autumn as we prepare for the warmer months.

    All dogs shed to some degree, but some of us are simply much better at it. How much we shed depends on our breed, age, hormones, environment and overall health. We can even shed more when we're stressed, excited or anxious. Pass the treats!

    Breeds with heavy thick coats or double coats need to be deshed.

    Deshedding your dog at minimum once a month (more so if your dog is prone to shedding) will prevent dead hairs from forming mats on your dog’s coat, that can eventually harm the skin. It will also help keep the furniture and clothes fuzz-free. 

    Want to learn more about grooming your dog at home, head here.

    5 products
    Moulting Comb - Kazoo Pet Co
    Moulting Comb - Kazoo Pet Co
    Moulting Comb
    Shedding Tool - Kazoo Pet Co
    Shedding Tool - Kazoo Pet Co
    Shedding Tool
    Grooming Rake - Kazoo Pet Co
    Grooming Rake
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