Krabooz Hermit Crabs

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    Want to give your kids a clawsome first pet adventure that will teach them a love of animals and the joys of pet ownership? Then dive into the wonderful, weird and wacky world of Krabooz. The ultimate hermit crab interactive experience.

    Hermit crabs are super fun whilst also being low maintenance. So, they make the ideal first pet. Your kids can select different colour shells, food and water, an enclosure and heaps of cool accessories, ornaments, heat mats, hygrometers and everything else your Krabooz needs to be shellthy and happy.

    But that’s not all. Krabooz also comes with its own amazing backstory, animated video and app to keep your kids engaged and entertained in real time.

    So, before you shell out on a cat or a dog, grab ‘em a krab from Krabooz and start them off with a pet that is heaps of fun but a whole lot easier to look after.

    You’ll be tankful that you did.

    15 products
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