About Us

Pets have been making hooman hearts beat faster, bellies chuckle louder and homes feel warmer for centuries.

It’s no different at Kazoo. Around here, we celebrate all those cheeky, cuddly, chirpy, crazy, bouncy, swishy, slithery and sometimes downright naughty family members that have been at the heart of our Aussie-owned business since 2009. From back when original hooman Pete first got a sparkle in his eye about the pawssibilities of a life dedicated to pets, to today’s colourful krew of 32 (including brothers Dan, Phill, Josh and Matt) – we’re all about making heartfelt moments between pets and their people happen.

Together, we dream up top quality new pet products. Improve our environmental pawprint. Lend our support to rescues. Look after our lovely customers (that’s you)! And we’ve even just moved into a brand-new 5,000sqm Kazoo HQ, too.

Here’s to making our bond even stronger. And making tails wag for decades to come.