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    With our natural instincts to pounce, scratch, prowl and play, cats are curious and intelligent creatures. We make purrfect companions when we have a safe, entertaining and nourishing space to keep us feeling happy and healthy. Which is exactly where you come in, hooman.

    Kazoo’s huuuuge range of interactive toys are designed to suit every shape, size, breed and cattitude out there! From popular catnip filled toys, to classics like fish and mouse toys, or the cool, quirky, floppy and wobbly… these toys are here to help us enjoy a better quality of life, reduce behavioural problems – and bond with you!

    70 products
    Cat Jingle Bell Ball
    Move It Mouse Cat Toy
    Kitty Wobble Ball
    Barrel Rattle Cat Toy
    Wobble Duck cat toy
    Kitty Streamer Ball
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