Dogs come with their own coats. Long-hair, short-hair, shaggy, curly, wiry, shiny, puffy, spotty and all the rest. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t feel the cold and need a little help to stay snuggly during the colder season. That’s why we’ve have brought out this range of premium and practical Kazoo Winter Warmers. Our range of stylish and practical doggie clothes will keep them warm and looking hot this winter!

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Does your dog need a coat this winter?

Whilst every dog is born with its own unique coat, sometimes they need a little more to stay warm during the cold season.

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How do you do winter?

Us dogs have unique pawsonalities. Some of us love the cold, others can't stand it. Hear from my mates to help you find out which type of Winter Wagger you are.

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Greyhound Jumpers with heart

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