Our Kind Of Christmas 💜

A Kinder Christmas

Hi hoomans,

With the season of giving almost upon us, it’s time to start thinking about presents for your family.

And pawresents for your furmily!!!

But it’s also time to spare a thought for all those thousands of animals out there that have not been lucky enough to find pawrents. They deserve to have a nice Christmas too.

And that’s why Kazoo are donating 15% from sales from our Christmas range to Sydney Dogs & Cats Home.

Hopefully, that money can go towards finding them new furever homes where they will be loved and made to feel like part of the furmily.

You see, there’s nothing us dogs, cats, rabbits and birds love more than feeling like we belong.

So, this Christmas, why not make a little extra effort and really get your pets involved in the furstivities. Trust me, we love getting shiny new toys and having tasty treats just the same as you do. 

Here’s a few fun ways you can make us feel included:


Christmas for Dogs

Christmas for Dogs

There’s heaps of things you can do to ensure I have a fangtastic Christmas. Fur starters, you can buy me a Kazoo Christmas Stocking, stuffed full of all my favourite treats, or a Christmas Cracker full of munchy bones. Then there’s all sorts of festive toys, balls and bones to get my tail wagging. And, if you want me to really enter into the drooltide spirit, there’s even Santa hats, reindeer antlers and a little bow tie.


Christmas for Cats

I may not be as social as bonebreath but believe me, I’m no Grinch. I love those yummy Kitty Craves and the magic Christmas wands and I’m also quite pawtial to the Christmas tree cardboard scratcher and game. But I also like my alone time. And that’s why I’m purrticularly love the Christmas Jumble Box and gingerbread house scratcher. They give me somewhere to escape to when the festivities get a bit much. Purrfect!



Christmas for Birds

I’ve gotta admit that my heart starts fluttering a bit when Christmas comes around. Mum decorates my cage with village signposts and wicker candy canes and pecks out some fun ladders and toys for me to interact with. And this year she even perch-ased me a wooden Christmas bird tree as a special treat. I tell ya, Polly definitely reckons this Christmas is going to be a cracker!!


Christmas for Bunnies

Lettuce hope that this Christmas will be as fun as the one last year. Dad decorated my cage with a Christmas wreath and a festive lattice and even got me a Christmas party tree. And then I got to wear the cutest little Santa’s hat and he gave me one of those nibble and gnaw snowmen. And guess what? I just saw him hop on the Kazoo website so I’m hoptimistic that this year is gonna be even better.


Check out our Christmas range and be a part of a kinder Christmas this year.


Have a kinder Christmas

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