Kazoo Krew Impawfections: the Best Bloopers of 2023

Another pawsome year for the history books, with many great shoots under our belt.

It might appear that our furry models are perfectly poised and keen to showcase our products just as we'd like all the time, but can we assure you this is not the case!

A lot goes into getting the right shots - bribery, making strange noises to get their attention, and of course getting covered in slobber. All part of the fun really!

So let's enjoy the not so fine moments and finish the year on a laugh.



Funniest Dog Award

Charlie had us in stitches as when he would arrive on set and do zoomies around the backyard with less body awareness than you'd hope. He's keen for all the cuddles, yet doesn't seem to realise how big he is and often knocks things (including people) over in his earnest effort to share his love.



Funniest Feline Award

Wynston from the Royal British Empire absolutely takes the fish cake on this one. He had us in tears of laughter on multiple shoots with his transparent facial expressions and adorable pudginess. 



You might think photoshoots are all glamour and 'lights, camera, action!' but the reality of pet photography is so much more than that. 

We want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all our furry models that did such a pawsome job this year!

And of course thanks to all the team that pull this off!

See you next year for more fun and games.

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