The Kazoo Krew's Christmas Gift Guide ūüéĄ


Too dog-tired to think of gift ideas?

The Kazoo Krew share their pawsonal picks for their pets, pounce on their ideas here!

There's not a Grinch in sight at Kazoo HQ,
we all adore Christmas right through and through! 
Come Barney, come Rocket, come Vivi and Mittens,
there's something for each pet that will have them quite smitten. 

So if you're hunting down the last stocking stuffer, 
and need a chew toy that just feels much tougher.
Look no further than Kazoo's new Christmas swag, 
it's guaranteed to make all tails wag.

Tara's Puppy Pawresents

Our digital marketing guru Tara just got a brand-new puppy this year, so she had the pawfect excuse to shop up a festive storm with the Kazoo range. Because she works from home most days, Lenin loves to distract her... so he needs tough toys to keep him busy! 

Here's what Tara picked for Lenin, and why she chose these three pawsome Christmas dog presents. 

1. Christmas DuraBall

Lenin loves to run and fetch, and those sharp little puppy teeth are a force to be reckoned with! The Duraball is super tough and has grooves that help keep teeth clean and healthy, so it's the ideal choice for little Lenin! 

2. Santa Hat

A Santa Paws hat... are you kitten me?! It's just too cute not to get this. For his first Christmas as part of the furmily, we had to get Lenin something to wear in our festive photos. 

3. Christmas Chicken Tenders

During these impawtent training years, I want to treat my little boy but he's still a growing puppy! These natural dog treats are a winner. They have healthy, clean ingredients and are super tasty (according to Lenin, that is!).


Matt showers Happy in tweets this Christmas

Our warehouse superstar Matt often gets a helping claw with inventory from Happy the parrot! Although Happy loves putting his wings to work, he does tend to have a chat and distract the team. 

Here are the top three goodies on Happy's Santa Claws wishlist. 

1. Wooden Christmas Tree
Happy adores bright colours and things to peck, so this Wooden Christmas Tree will keep him occupied all holidays.

2. Christmas Village Signpost
Happy's favourite things are bells and colours, plus this signpost really helps get his home in the Christmas spirit.

3. Natural Branch Perch
Happy loves to hang out, hang around and hop from perch to perch! I'll definitely be making this a new addition to his cage, and I know it's natural and safe for him to be pecking.


Lexie's Purrfect Pressies

What do you get the cat that has it all? Kazoo, of course! Our social media manager Lexie's rescue cat Charles is a bit of a grump, but these cat Christmas toys are bound to turn his frown upside down.

Here's what Charles has asked Santa Claws to put under the cat tree this year...

1. Christmas Gingerbread House

This year, Charles couldn’t wait to get his paws on a Christmas Gingerbread House to hide in, he loves shredding the corrugated cardboard floor and taking naps inside while he watches me work from home.

2. Kitty Swap n’ Play Christmas Wand

The Kitty Swap n’ Play Christmas Wand is purrfect to keep his present-pouncing skills honed before the big day arrives. He doesn’t get bored with this wand, thanks to the three different attachments.

3. Christmas Bow Ties

The final thing on Charles' wishlist are the Christmas Bow Ties in green and red, because he always has to make a furshion statement… and Christmas is no exception!


Sian, Parsley & Paige

Sian is our Western Australia sales rep, and she's just moved to the farm of her dreams! Amongst her menagerie of dogs, cats and chooks are two very sweet little bunnies that she loves to train to perform tricks.

Here's what Sian has picked for her rabbits this Christmas.


1. Christmas Cardboard Gingerbread Cottage
You might think this cardboard gingerbread cottage is just for cats, but it's also perfect for bunnies! They love to hide in, snooze in and nibble on this cute festive decoration. 

2. Love Christmas Tree
Paige and Parsley love to nibble on this one and keep their teeth clean, sharp and healthy... all the better to eat their Christmas Day lunch with! 

3. Christmas Party Tree
I just had to get this party tree because it cheers up their little home and is so fun for them to nibble on. Changing up your pet's toys is so important for stimulation and enrichment, so this definitely helps to keep things interesting in the bunny enclosure.


Selena & Chilli

Selena is our warehouse superstar, but don't forget about the bright red star of the silly season... Chilli the parrot! Chilli's personality is as red-hot as his feathers, so Selena makes sure he has nothing but the best to feel festive this year.

Here's what has Chilli's wings in a flap this festive season.

1. Calcium Perch
This calcium perch is bright and fun for Chilli, and comes in three different colours to choose from. It's enriched with calcium to add a nutrient-dense boost, and has a rough surface to help maintain his claws and beak. It's the perch that does it all! 

2. Christmas Wicker Ball Tree
This Wicker Ball Tree is a no-brainer Christmas bird gift. It's got wicker to peck at, festive colours to cheer up the aviary, and a fun bell for when Chilli feels musical. 

3. Christmas Wicker Candy Cane
Is there a better tweet than one that's bigger than your bird?!
 This Wicker Candy Cane is the best Christmas present for your birdie to make sure they feel the love these holidays. 



This year we're donating 15% of our Christmas range sales to Sydney Dogs & Cats Home and the wonderful work they do. To help out the pawsome cause, head here. 

And if you're keen to add to your family and are considering adoption, head on over to their adoption page. 

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