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Hi hoomans,

Shadow here on the morning show. Today's topic is one that gets dog owners hot under the collar. The big debate as to whether dogs need to wear clothes. Some say that yes, they do, pawticularly during the cold seasons when it can get chilly. Or when it’s raining cats and dogs. Whilst others say that dogs already come with their own fur coats and don’t need additional layers of warmth.
And then, there’s a third set who think that hoomans only put dogs in clothes because they think it makes us look adorable. So, what is the right answer?

Well, seems to me that the only ones who haven’t been asked their opinion in all of this, is us, the dogs who have to wear ‘em.

We're going to be checking in with our correspawndents for some live, honest pawspectives!


Dog wearing oilskin on tv news style interview

Gomez l Melbourne

Shadow: Now I’m joined by Gomez. Hi Gomez.

Gomez: Hi, Shadow. 

Shadow. So, tell me a little bit about that coat you’re wearing.

Gomez: Well, this Black Oilskin Dog Coat is my furvourite raincoat, Shadow, and it's actually layered on top of the Grey Wave Dog Jumper for the cold winter months. 

Shadow: Why do you like wearing them?

Gomez: Well, when I go for walkies, I really go for walkies. I run through wet grass, splash in puddles, and nose about in the mud.

Shadow: (Shuddering) Even in Winter? 

Gomez: Yup. And that’s why I like to wear this coat with a jumper. It stops me getting cold, prevents burrs getting in my fur and keeps me clean, so I don’t need a bath.

Shadow: Not a fan of baths?

Gomez: Nope.

Shadow. Me neither. Dunno why hoomans make us have 'em, pawsonally.


Dog wearing red coat on tv news style interview

Brixie l Sydney

Shadow: Hello Brixie in Sydney, thanks for joining us here today.

Brixie: Hey, Shadow. Pleasure to be here.

Shadow: So, Brixie, what's your opawnion on dog clothes?

Brixie: Well Shadow, I like to stay warm on adventures so I can adventure for longer! More running, digging and sniffing. I basically live in my Red Adventure Coat with Harness Hatch when I'm out and about. Oh and it's machine washable so my pawrents don't mind me getting filthy in it.

Shadow: Sound like you're putting the win in winter, Brixie!


Dog wearing winter pattern jumper on tv news style interview

Lenin l Adelaide

Shadow: Now we are checking in with Lenin in Adelaide, hello Lenin.

Lenin: Hi Shadow.

Shadow: So, Lenin, judging by your jumper, I’m assuming you’re not a big fan of winter?

Lenin: Definitely not, Shadow. I may be quick, but I can’t outrun the cold.

Shadow: That’s because you have a very short coat, isn’t it?

Lenin: Well, that and the fact I have very little body fat. Which means I can go from warm to cold in a flash. 

Shadow: I can relate. Not about the body fat but with the cold. So, bring me up to speed on that jumper you’re wearing.

Lenin: This is called the Winter Wonder Dog Jumper, Shadow, and it’s been designed spawcifically to stop me getting nippy.

Shadow: I like it. Well, I know you’ve gotta run, Lenin, so I’ll let you go.


Dog wearing pink dog raincoat on tv news style interview

Dash l Brisbane

Shadow: Let’s give a big round of appawse for Dash the Vizsla who’s just recently been adopted by his furever pawrents.

Dash: Hi Shadow, good to be here.

Shadow: So, Dash, judging by the raincoat, I take it you find clothing necessary?

Dash: That's right Shadow. Not too cold here is Brissie but we do get a lot of rain. That's why I've like to rock this Rainy Days Dog Raincoat - it's thin, but waterproof and fast drying. It even has a pocket on the back to keep my Compostable Poop Bags in!

Shadow: Good on you Dash, great tips for our Brisbane viewers!


Jack Russells wearing coats on tv news style interview

Jasper & Ella l Gippsland

Shadow: Let's not furget our hard working furriends in the country, wouldn't be food in the bowl without them! So, Jasper & Ella, where do you stand on the whole 'dogs in clothes' debate?

Jasper: Well Shadow, being smaller dogs, we get colder more easily than the bigger breeds.

Shadow: Why is that?

Ella: I’m no scientist, but appawrently it's harder for small dogs to generate heat and then hang onto it.

Shadow: I did not know that.

Jasper: Fair dinkum. That’s why I’m glad mum invested in these Flower Dog Jackets

Shadow: Well, Jasper, judging from your photo, I’d say you’ve got winter licked.


Dog wearing Long John Dog Pyjamas on tv news style interview

Basil l Mullumbimby

Shadow: This handsome fellow is Basil, and he’s wearing a  pair of Kazoo’s Long John Dog Pyjamas in blue. So, Basil, I take it you’re a fan of pawjamas?

Basil (deep breath): Hi there, Shadow, grateful to be here. Yup, pawsonally I don’t reckon I could get through the cold winter nights without ‘em.

Shadow: Why is that?

Basil: Well, I’m a short hair breed and when it gets nippy, I find it hard to maintain body heat.

Shadow: So, what do you do?

Basil: (chuckles) Well, Shadow, generally I stand in front of my pawrents and start shivering. And then I give ‘em my best puppy dog eyes.

Shadow: And does that work?

Basil: I’m wearing Long Johns, ain’t I? 

Shadow: Fair point. So, you find they help with the winter chills?

Basil: Hell yeah. As soon as mum puts ‘em on me, I’m snug as a pug in a rug. 

Shadow: So, there you have it folks. Basil - big fan of pawjamas.



Frankie l Perth

Shadow: Lastly, this week, I’m joined by Frankie. Now Frankie, before we start, I just want to clarify something. You are a Pomeranian, are you not?

Frankie: (laughing) Yes I am Shadow.

Shadow: So, you don’t ever get cold in Australia? 

Frankie: Not really.

Shadow: Not even in winter? Do you wear dog clothes?

Frankie: To be honest with you Shadow, I like to wear a raincoat on winter walks to keep dry, but my fur is made for Polish winters. So, I don’t think it’s going to struggle with a 10-degree day in Australia. Do you?

Shadow: Probably not. Okay, well there you have it furriends! Frankie, wears a raincoat but not a fan of dog jumpers. 



So we saw six out of seven dogs want dog clothes through winter. A pretty pawsitive response, wouldn’t you say?

Back to the pawsome team in the studio.

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