Enrichment Ideas For Cats To Make Their Minds As Sharp As Their Claws

Cat on cat tower licking it's paw


Hey folks, Luna here, muscling in on Bonebreath’s post about dog enrichment.

You might not know this, but us cats need stimulation too. Even though we are way more intelligent than dogs. Enrichment can help us to stay calm, happy and free of any stress or behavioural problems you might have noticed your feline friends exhibiting. 

So, here’s a few things you can do to make our days more entertaining.

Food Enrichment (reach feeders, slow feeders or puzzle feeders)
Cat playing with puzzle feeder

Cats are hardwired to hunt for prey and that keeps us physically and mentally active. But when we spend most of our time inside, well, not so much.

But with a little bit of creativity, you can introduce some fun and games that will expand our minds whilst keeping our waistlines trim.

Cats like to stick paws into small spaces or under things. Why? Because we always think there might be something tasty hiding there. So why not recreate this with different types of feeders that stimulate our curiosity whilst satisfying our appetites.

We are also partial to toys we can swat with our paws. And if these give out a few tasty tidbits each time we do, then so much the better.



Cat rolled over on his back playing with a cat wand

Environment Enrichment

When I get bored, I get destructive. Nothing major, mind you. Just a few scratches on the armchair, sharpening my claws on the curtains or doing a poop somewhere I shouldn’t.

But the good news is, you can prevent this by providing me with some mental stimulation and/or physical exercise.

Here’s a few examples.


Cat looking through the window on a lookout bed

Lookout beds

Lookout beds really are the best of both worlds. They allow us to snooze in the sun and keep a watchful eye on wildlife outside at the same time. You could even set up an outdoor bird feeder in view of the window for my very own cat-TV. 


Collage of a cat exploring a cat playground

Cat playgrounds

Cat playgrounds are another great way to ensure we get all the exercise we need whilst giving our curiosity a good workout at the same time. The added height, levels and hammocks provide us with a sense of safety and a place to observe the goings-on of the furmily home without getting too over-stimulated. 

The sturdy sisal posts on the Kazoo cat playgrounds or scratching posts help us to shed our nail sheaths and keep our claws trim and tidy. 


Kitten pouncing at a cat wand

Cat wands

They say that curiosity killed the cat. But I reckon it’s more like curiosity thrilled the cat.

You see, anything that moves or mimics the movement of our natural prey is sure to grab our attention.

And that’s why we love cat wands. They activate our inner hunter, improve our paw to eye coordination and sharpen our reflexes.



Happy cat licking it's lips next to a feeder toy


In addition to physical exercise, all pets, including dogs, cats, birds and fish, require some sort of mental stimulation to keep them healthy and happy. So, if you want to ensure your pet is living their best life, then take a scroll through our website and check out some of our amazing interactive toys and products.

If you're not sure what's best fur your pet, send us a message on Facebook or Instagram and our friendly team will help you out in no time!  


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