Fancy A Game? Inside The Playful World Of Cats & QUIZ

Despite our reputation as complicated, majestic and mysterious creatures, did you know we kitties also love the chance to get just as silly as our hoomans? And with more state laws restricting our time outside, that means more time inside hopefully honing our instincts, purrfecting our lounge-room pouncing and unleashing our playful sides with a quality cat toy… or nine.
Variety is the spice of mice, after all.

While most toys help to keep us humans happy, healthy, and entertained, it’s true that felines can be fussy. Take our Catplay Quiz and keep reading to find out which kind of catplay really makes our day!


The Grumpy Gamer

Just like @charlie.theserialchiller, this playful pawsonality has more cattitude than most. Here’s what he confessed to us: 

“My mentor Grumpy Cat once said that if you don’t have anything nice to say – good! The problem is, I really enjoy Kazoo’s new cat-ologue of toys. There are over 60 different kinds and that makes it virtually impawsible to get bored, even if you’re super intelligent like me. Still I don’t want the hoomans to know that I approve. The trick is to act unimpressed at all times. It’s not easy though… My natural instincts to hunt and play are stimulated by all the different wobbles, textures, vibrations, springs and sounds. They really help to turn my everyday surroundings into an exotic safari and distract me from bad behaviour. Just don’t tell anyone I like them so much!”

Give these mood boosters a try...

The Indoor Ninja

Just like Taco, this playful pawsonality is all about unleashing your inner tiger! Here’s what this fierce feline had to say:

“As the great master Mochimaru proved, we cats are clever creatures. And it’s really impawtant for us to stay that way, too! Being mentally alert triggers our curiosity to help keep us happy, healthy and living our nine lives for even longer. Indoor Ninjas like us just love it when our hoomans give us a challenge that keeps us on our paws. Giving us 30-60 minutes of play a day and rotating our toys regularly works a treat! Speaking of treats… have you seen this new Crinkle Unicorn? It’s made with a special fabric that feels and sounds irresistible to curious kitties like us. Oh, and surprise. It’s not just dogs that like to fetch!”

Give these frisky playthings a try:

The Scaredy Cat The Party Puss

Just like Luna from @zelda_and_friends_, this playful pawsonality is all about keeping calm and having fun. But just how does he/she do it?

“Thunderstorms used to make me anxious. So did Bone Breath, the neighbour’s dog. And don’t get me started on cucumbers! But then mum invited a few colourful new friends over, like Sleepy Sloth, Topsy Turtle and Cactus Garden. We hit it off straight away. You see, just like most of Kazoo’s new cat toy range, my new playmates have got catnip and silvervine inside to bring on naturally happy vibes and put me in the mood to exercise. Sometimes I start acting a bit funny for about five minutes… kind of like mum after she’s had a glass of red. These days I’m hardly ever a scaredy cat… bliss out toys are the most fun a kitty can have without being sent to the doghouse!” 

 Pack your pawty bag with these fun toys:

The Eco Pawformer

Just like Nala and Milla, this playful pawsonality is fascinated by the urban jungle… and the camera! Here’s why:

“Ever since I started making a name for myself on the 'gram, I’ve been using my catfluence to make a pawsitive difference. So when it comes to my toys of choice, naturally I’m into feel-good fun. My furvourites have got to be the ones made from 100% recycled fabrics and fibres… they make exploring the Great Indoors endlessly entertaining!  When I’m not fishing for catnip and silver vine, stalking wobbling birds, playing cat and mouse games and reeling in my hooman for some quality bonding time, I’m seeking out the pawfect suntrap for my next catnap. Sound like anyone you know?”

Stay eco-conscious with these toys:

    The Royal Reveller

    Just like Kingston from the @royalbritishempire, this playful pawsonality is all about ruling the household with king-like confidence.  

    “Royal Revellers like me aren’t exactly known for being cuddly types, but that’s just because we prefer not to degrade ourselves like those needy hounds. For us, playtime is best when we’re in charge. For starters, we kindly request you leave an impressive selection of toys out for us to choose from. Our gentle suggestions would include interactive toys such as Springy Snake, Bouncy Fish or perhaps a Wobble Bird. Please do take consideration with you choices, and while you're at the store - I do like treats!"

     Give these fancy toys a try:

    Take our Catplay Quiz to find out what your kitty play pawsonality is. Give it a go, and let us know your results in the comments below!


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