Giving Greyhounds a warm coat and a brighter future

Greyhounds might be super-fast, but winter’s pretty nippy too. And when it catches up to me, I go from hot dog to chilly dog really, really fast.

That’s because my fur is very short, and I have very little body fat. Which is great in summer, cause it helps me cool down quickly after I’ve been running.

But in Winter, things aren’t so flash, and I get seriously cold. You can always tell if I’m feeling frozen by touching my ear.  If it feels cold, then I am too.



Speaking of ears, while I have yours, I just wanted to share some exciting news that promises to make winter a lot less grey for us greyhounds. 

You ready?

(Drum roll please) 

 The Klever Krew at Kazoo have brought out a fabulous new range of Greyhound jumpers. How pawsome is that?

 Kazoo greyhound jumpers on dogs

They’re super-lightweight, easy to put on and off, (although I won’t be making it easy for you to take mine off) and are made of the softest, warmest, snuggliest fabrics available. So now I can be as toasty and snug as all those lucky long-hair dogs.

And, as you’d expect from the style masters at Kazoo, they don’t just keep us feeling warm. They make us look hot, hot, hot. 

Kazoo greyhound jumper range
There’s four eye-catching colours, and the cut allows me to keep my core nice and toasty, while still showing off my athletic body and lovely long legs. 

There’s even a très chic polo neck version. But be warned, it has been known to turn other greyhounds into green with envy hounds.



But you know what? The best thing about these jumpers isn’t that they make me feel snug. It’s that they even make life more comfortable for greyhounds who aren’t wearing them.

Kazoo greyhound rescue

That’s cause 15% of the proceeds from each jumper sold goes to Greyhound Rescue. An amazing organisation that finds loving furever homes for greyhounds no longer wanted by the racing industry.

Last year alone, they managed to find homes for 300 greyhounds that would otherwise have been put down.

How cool is that?



So, heads up greyhound pawrents.

If you want to make winter a winner, not just for your greyhound, but for loads of others as well, then go ahead and pawchase a super-warm, ultra-comfy and seriously snuggly softie for your furvourite friend.

Cause we guarantee, it won’t just heat up their bodies, it’ll make you feel all warm inside, too.

fangs a lot sign off

Not sure on size? Here's a handy guide

kazoo greyhound jumper size guide

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