How to Convince Your Hoomans to Take You on Holiday With Them!

Woman + dog sitting in the car on a road trip

Hoomans are so busy, they're always going places. But us doggo's often get left behind. Here's an example of how you can convince your pawrents to take you with them during the holiday season.

Mum: Sorry Sandy, we can’t take you with us this time.

Sandy: But mum, you know I hate it when you go away somewhere and don’t take me with you.

Mum: I know.

Sandy: It might be only one day to you, but it’s 7 days for me. Please mum. I promise I'll be good.

Mum: Well, I don’t know if it’s a good idea. Dad doesn’t want you shedding hair all over his new car.

Sandy: (Excitedly) It’s o.k, mum. Kazoo have got a great new car seat liners and car boot liners.

 Sandy the dog in a car sitting on comfy seat liners

Mum: But what if you get nervous on the drive? You remember what happened last time?

Sandy: Yes, I know mum. But I’m older now. And Kazoo have also got some great waterproof travel crates.


Mum: We’re going to my friend’s place. There’ll be a lot of sitting round and talking.

Sandy: That’s o.k mum. Just bring a few of my favourite enrichment toys and I'll be busy for hours.



Mum: But what if we get there and there’s no off-leash area for walkies?

Sandy: I've got that 8-metre retractable lead. That’s plenty big enough for me to have a bit of a run and explore.


Mum: Or, if we do find a park for you to have a run, what happens if one of your new toys falls in the creek and gets ruined?

Sandy: I'll take a couple of our extreme play floating toys, mum. They float and they’re great for playing in the water!


Mum: I know what you’re like on a walk. You’ll end up all muddy and dirty.

Sandy: (grinning) Well you’ve got my dog combs and brushes.

You can check out our brush guide here.


Mum: They’ve got a cat, you know. And you know what happens when you are around cats!!!!!! You get overexcited and start chasing them round the house.

Sandy: You can put me in my pop-up playpen. Then I won’t be able to chase mouse breath. Plus, it’s got mesh windows so I stay nice and cool and a sunroof so I can see what’s going on.


Mum: I’m also a bit worried that you’ll end up scratching my friend’s new wooden floor.

Sandy: That’s why you’ve got our deluxe nail clippers!!!!


Mum: Or you’ll shed hair all over their new lounge. You know you are moulting right now.

Sandy: So, let’s make sure we bring my moulting comb and the de-shedder.


Mum: (Wavering) Well, maybe you can come. As long as you promise not to poo in their back garden.

Sandy: I can’t promise that mum, I'm a dog. When I've gotta go, I've gotta go. But I can promise to bring my new range of Kazoo eco-friendly, compostable, bio-degradable poop bags.


Mum: Well, alright then. Looks like you’re coming with us.

Sandy: (wagging tail) I knew you come around in the end mum. Now, let’s go and pack my bag!!!!!!


Next time you go away for a day or a weekend, why not take your furvourite furiend with you.

We’ve got everything they need (and we mean everything) to ensure that wherever they go, they are the perfect house guest, playmate and companion.

Let us know your furvourite place to take your pet with you in the comments!

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