About Us

Pet’s enrich our lives. They’re not only our friends and playmates, but our companions, comforters and entertainers too. 

Wether it’s a dog, cat, fish or bird, pets remind us that the best things in life come with simple pleasures, better actions and real moments of connection.

After all, there’s nothing better than a game of fetch, a luxe grooming session, a super cosy bed to snuggle in, or a lovely afternoon walkies. 

Quite simply, pets give us unconditional love, loyalty and joy. They trust us to do the best by them, so at Kazoo, that’s what we do.  

It's why we live by the philosophy "making tails wag". 

Because nothing is better than seeing the ones we love happy. Wet noses, muddy paws, fluffy feathers, roaring purrs and all. 

We're Pack Animals

We're an Aussie family business, and we say family, we really mean it. Kazoo is run by four brothers and a team of tag-alongs, although, we like to think of ourselves as family too.

Values Matter

There’s much more to Kazoo than just making good merch. We also want to make a difference. Not just in the lives of the people who work for us, but in the lives of everyone on the planet.

Our History

Since Pete (that’s Pet with an e) and his sons hatched their brand back in 2010, the commitment to pet happiness has seen Kazoo go from pug size to mastiff, with over 22 staff and a super-big warehouse in Silverwater. 

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