Meet the Kazoo Krew

We humans here at Kazoo have a simple philosophy we live by. It’s just three words - making tails wag.

As long as our furry, feathered (and fishy) friends are happy, then so are we. And while we might not have a tail to wag, one look at the smile on our faces and you’ll know that we’re loving what we do.

The last year or so has been tough on everyone, but if there is an upside to Covid, (and it’s a big if) then it is surely that we have all got to spend heaps more time at home with our awesome critters and really see them for what they are. Friends, playmates, companions, comforters and entertainers. 

But even more than that, they’re part of the family. Loyal, trusting, devoted and always happy to share a moment with their big two-legged pawrents.

It shouldn’t take a crisis like Covid to make us realise the important of our pets. But maybe we just needed a reminder.

So from now on, let’s give our pets the same love, loyalty and devotion that they give us. Not just when we feel like it, but all the time.

Just like they do. 

We're Pack Animals

We're an Aussie family business, and we say family, we really mean it. Kazoo is run by four brothers and a team of tag-alongs, although, we like to think of ourselves as family too.

Values Matter

There’s much more to Kazoo than just making good merch. We also want to make a difference. Not just in the lives of the people who work for us, but in the lives of everyone on the planet.

Our History

Since Pete (that’s Pet with an e) and his sons hatched their brand back in 2010, the commitment to pet happiness has seen Kazoo go from pug size to mastiff, with over 22 staff and a super-big warehouse in Silverwater. 

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