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Dog wearing jumper with speech bubble

...I’ve seen some rather ruff fashion choices out there at the dog park and while I’m not into hounding humans about their Fido fashion choices, please remember, we’re the ones that have to wear these dog jackets and jumpers. I know that you paw parents dress us cause you love us and are just trying to make us snuggly on the cold winter days, but we woofers have our dognity and we still like to look stylish while we’re being kept warm. 

But it’s not just about looks. We also like to feel comfortable in our dog clothes, and be able to run, jump, dig, scratch, sniff, roll and all the other doggie things we do. 

Fortunately, my best friends at Kazoo have come up with a range of Winter Warmers that look great and feel even better.

So today, me and a few of my friends are going to put on a little fashion paw-rade for you and show you that we can be warm and stay cool at the same time. 

But before we do, let’s meet the models. 

French bull dog wearing spotty red coat with purple block colour with text

Black schnauzer dog wearing coat with purple colour block and text

Golden Aussie Bulldog in pink stripe jumper with purple colour block and text

Golden Cavoodle dog wearing green coat with purple colour block and text

King Schnauzer dog in black coat with purple colour block and text

Right, so now you’ve met the crew, follow me and let’s check out some of the amazing Kazoo winter-wearable designs. 

I just know you’re gonna dig ‘em. 

Dog tail sticking up in the air whilst it digs dirt

Golden Cavoodle dog in striped puffer dog jacket
This retro designed dog jacket was inspired by one of Australia’s favourite biscuits. And with its funky colour combo Simba knows that he looks good enough to eat. 

And talk about hot dogs. The ultra-warm, ultra-comfortable lining on this piece of puff-ection has Simba feeling warm and looking hot, hot, hot. VOVO VOOM!


Golden Cavoodle dog in green dog coat
Simba gave this one a pawfect 5 outta 5 score. And who can blame him. A dog coat stylish enough to grab a doggo Latte in, or take an adventurous strutt through the forest, this little ensemble rates highly in Simba’s everyday fine fashion stakes. He even rates the little zip up coat pockets, great to keep the odd treat (or poo pouch) within.


Golden Cavoodle dog in blue dog jacket
Fresh off the ski fields, this easy-zip, sports inspired washable dog jacket is what all the cool dogs are wearing.

He’s loving those cool cuffs, stretch fabric and contoured fit. What’s even better is that it zips on and off quickly... meaning more time to play!


French Bulldog in red and blue spotty dog coat
All princesses struggle to choose outfits sometimes, but with this chic little dotty ensemble, the job’s done for her. That's because this dog outfit is reversible in two colours so perfect for the... ahem, indecisiveness of certain canines. This snuggie is soft, stretchy, spotty and so tasty that even Piper is licking her lips. 


French bulldog in black and white reversible dog coat
She’s done it again. Another great two-looks-in-one snuggie! Piper can hardly believe her luck. The tongue is in FULL effect here. Once again, a dog design that panders to her fickle fashion choices.
No need to choose a favourite after all. And with its ultra-comfortable soft padding, this snuggle is the perfect soft coat for winter snuggles. Sorry boys, that’s snuggles with mum. 


Black schnauzer dog wearing bright neon orange dog raincoat
Old dogs can be just as adventurous as the younger pups and Snowy’s here to prove it. He loves a good street stroll n’ sniff come rain, hail or shine, so this waterproof easy to wear dog raincoat gets a solid 4 paws of approval. He’s rather taken with the bold neon orange - is it a joke that the vision impared dog tries on the high vis coat?! Either way, it really helps him to stand out from the pack!


Black schnauzer dog wearing tweed style dog coat in grey
He might be called Snowy, but he is turning the heat way up in this dashing designer dog wear. This super-stylish dog coat is inspired by tailored contouring and fits Snowy’s bod like a glove. But it doesn’t just look good, it’s super practical too with a harness hatch, functional pockets, and a cosy warm fleece lining. 

We asked Snowy to pick a third jacket as well, but he declined. He knows it’s not caninely possible for a pooch to look more handsome than this. 

Brown Aussie Bulldog wearing pink striped dog jumper
There’s a lot to love about wide-chested doggo breeds from staffies to English Bulldogs, or in Shadow’s case, the Aussie Bulldog - but finding a dog jumper that fits over their ample assets isn’t always easy. That’s why Shadow is loving this rather “giving” knit. It’s cosy, it’s stretchy and the leg straps help it from riding up. The pink stripe really picks up on those tongue hues too.


Brown Aussie bulldog wearing purple striped dog jumper
Ok, what was that about stripes not being slimming...? Shadow paws-down rates the soft knit Lilly Pilly dog jumper as her new favourite. Even mum is loving the soft stretch knit! She’s getting constant strokes and cuddles in this darling doggy fashion look.


Brown Aussie bulldog wearing bright neon yellow dog raincoat jacket
Nothing’s going to rain on Shadow’s paw-rade. She’s not a fan of wet walks but thinks they’ll be much more enjoyable now that she can stay dry whilst pounding the pavement in this dog raincoat. She’s also diggin the high vis neon and reflector trims - attention junkie!


King schnauzer scruffy dog wearing sports inspired dog coat in navy and grey
Gomez’s own fur coat is fantastic, but we might just have found one that’s even better! This dog coat allows him to do what dogs do best - digging, running, sniffing, playing and exploring. The cosy inner lining is warm and comfy, while the water-resistant outer keeps him dry when things get a bit... messy. Awesome active wear for dogs, and mum can just chuck it in the wash at the end of a good park session.


Scruffy King Schnauzer dog wearing navy blue cobalt dog jumper
He’s a runner, he’s a digger, he’s a swimmer. And now, he’s a jumper. 

This chunky knit dog jumper with its rugged roll down collar is built for the great outdoors. And not that he would ever admit to feeling cold, but he doesn’t put up too much of a fuss when mum slips this on before a cold winter’s walk. 


Scruffy king schnauzer dog wearing pink dog jumper with red heart on the back
Pretty in pink. Pretty tough that is! It takes a canine that’s confident in himself, like Gomez, to pull off a snappy little loveheart dog jumper like this. Simply the perfect little number for a dog who wears his heart on his sleeve, or in this case, on his back.


Hand drawn purple line
Ok. It’s time to say chow now humans. 

We hope you’ve loved our ideas on how to heat your hound, toast your terrier, or warm your working dogs. If you’ve seen something you like, why not let your fingers go for a walkies and visit Kazoo.com.au for some fantastic ideas on how to keep your dog warm this winter.

We guarantee it’s gonna make you dog’s best friend! 

Dog wearing a pink dog jumper with a red heart on the back of it


  • Marisa Buskariol

    Contacted Kazoo because all the winter coats at pet stores tend to cater for smaller breeds. Kazoo’s customer service was second to none and I found not only what I wanted, but also exactly what I needed! Thank you to Daniel, Jessica and the team – you’re all wonderful.
    Tego is loving his winter jumper, he’s cosy and warm and curled up asleep – a complete contrast what he was like during his earlier visit. I should have bought 2 jumpers so he’s got something else to wear when it’s washing time. I’ll order another one soon. Thank you again, you guys are awesome!!

  • Kazoo Krew

    Hi Robyn,

    Yes, we have raincoats, coats and jumpers to fit larger dogs. Check out our size guide to choose the correct fit, but I think a Golden Retriever would be around a size Large (59cm length spine). Our Rainy Days Coat goes up to XXL in size.

  • Robyn Gidley

    We have a golden retriever. I want a raincoat to fit her. Do u make for bigger dogs? All your gorgeous models are somewhat smaller than our beautiful Molly.

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