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Kazoo cat furniture

As far as I’m concerned, mats are for mutts. No way you’re going to find a sophisticated and stylish purrball like me hanging out on the floor.

No, if I’m sitting, then it’s on my human’s bed or on the sofa. Nothing else comes up to scratch.

And talking of scratching, there’s nothing I enjoy more than sinking my claws into the sofa or the curtains and having a good stretch or play.



Trouble is, my human doesn’t share my enthusiasm for it and complains that I’m ruining her furniture.

Last month she had a hissy fit when I accidentally left a few scratches on her Philippe Starck lounge chair. And then, just recently there was an incident with the reclaimed wood dining table.

Well, I was only climbing up the legs. And my claws hardly left any marks at all.

It’s not my fault I like nice, well-made things.

But my missus doesn’t see it like that. 

Anyway, for the last wee while, I’ve been in the doghouse.

But then, last week, something amazing happened.

A big box arrived with the word Kazoo on the outside.



My human opened it and pulled out this.

kazoo cat furniture

A 5 Level Playground!

Well, I’ve got to say, it was love at first sight.

In fact, it’s some of the most stylish cat furniture that I’ve ever seen.

I adore the soft muted charcoal grey colour. And that carpet finish and strong sisal rope. Purr-fect for climbing. But that wasn’t the only thing she bought.

The next day, this arrived.

kazoo cat furniture

The high bed scratch post with rope.

Mewow!! Believe me, I lost no time getting to grips with this stylish little number. As you can see from the pic.

But you know what the best thing is? The bed on top. I can lie up there, and Rexy the dog, aka Kibblebreath, can’t get anywhere near me. It drives him nuts.



I must admit though, mum’s been spoiling me a lot recently. I think she loves Kazoo as much as I do.

Cause just yesterday, she delved into the kitty and got me this.

 Kazoo cat bed

It’s called a lookout window cat bed and it’s the best thing ever.

I can sit up there, with the sun streaming in and watch all the interesting things happening in the garden.

Like the little birdies eating the seeds on that table mum set up for them.

I’d really love to get better acquainted with some of those little birdies. I spent hours watching them yesterday.

In fact, I think mum might have got a bit suspicious. Cause last night she was on her computer and I saw her looking at this. 

Kazoo cat furniture

She told me it is a Kitty Cubby Base Playground.

I think it’s so I have lots of scratch posts and things to jump at without being able to get near the native birds.

Not that I would of course. I mean look at me. Butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth.

kazoo cat furniture

Anyway, things are good again now at home. I’ve stopped putting my claws in mum’s sofa and curtains. So she’s happy. And the Kazoo cat furniture is much sturdier and way more fun to play with anyway. So I’m happy too.

In fact, the only one who isn’t happy is Rexy. In fact, I think he’s a bit jealous at all the attention I’ve been getting.

But he’ll be fine tomorrow when he sees what mum has bought him.

kazoo cat bed

This super-snuggly pouch bed.

Hmmm, that looks pretty comfy. Maybe Rexy ain’t gonna be so happy after all.

Mwa ha ha ha ha. (Evil laugh.)

 Kazoo cat furniture



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  • Lexie

    Poor Rexy… 🙊

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