The Reviews Are In! Do The Kazoo Coats Get 4 Paws Up?


The Dogs of Kazoo are back for Winter 2022!

From the dapper to the divas and the downright delightful, our not-so-modest models are rocking their looks and sharing their reviews to let us know what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to winter furshion this year.

Let the show commence!

Aussie bulldog wearing kazoo pink and blue adventure coats
What I love about this coat: Practical waterproofed outer, with cosy fleece inside lining.
What stands out to me: Style with substance
Shadow shares:
'The park’s the place to be when you’re all about plus-sized adventures like me! My furrrends and I love being in nature, and that’s why it’s my pawsonal mission to help protect the environment for all the future walkies yet to come. I know I know… there’s plenty of heart going on underneath these curves, it’s just the kind of girl I am. 
This Eco Adventure Coat is truly one-of-a-kind (just like me!) because its outer fabric is made from 100% recycled material. And that means I don’t just look good. I feel good too. It also comes in a pawsome pink and blue, just thing to brighten up winter days!'

Model: Sandy
Hot: Bringing instant street cred to my local park
Not: Furshion that's functional
Sandy says:
'I'm pretty fond of the coat I was born with, after all, these curls are all-natural, baby! But when it gets a bit nippy outside (and no I don’t mean you Blue Heeler types) I really appawciate the extra warmth from my oh-so-cool Patch Pocket Coat. Mum tells me that the bold colour blocking really brings out my eyes, and that’s even without me making my puppy-dog best.
It comes in two trendy colourways, Polly and Benji. And there’s also plenty of room for storing extra treats, which tend to make me more popular than I already am. Whether I’m out at the park or snuggled up at home I like to say, if you’ve got it, flaunt it!'


Model: Dudley
Hot: Looking like a real-life Paddington Bear
Not: Staying inside when it’s wet outside (boring)!
Dudley says:
'A wise bear once told me he loves singing in the rain. I said: You do you, boo. And then I got straight back to splishing, splashing, and sploshing my way through the biggest wintery puddles I could find! You see, my Cosy Raincoat isn’t just waterproof. It’s warm and tail-waggingly comfy too. Oh, and it comes in a pawsitively cute mustard and lagoon navy colour.
It’s like my pawrents just gave me an all-season pass to Wet’n’Wild and told me to go on as many rides as I want. Speaking of hoomans, what are you doing stuck inside reading this? Grab your galoshes and let’s get out there!'




Hot: Getting comfy with your true self
Not: Why should only lizards get to lounge??
Sandy says:
'If you ask me, wintertime is no reason to get all worked up. And when it comes to running and jumping and playing, I believe it is pawsible to have too much of a good thing. That’s why I’m a real dogvocate for staying chilled to the bone at this time of year. But in a good way of course, like should I wear my pink or blue outfit today?
I’m talking about quality snuggle time on the couch. Wolfing down all the comfort foods I can get my paws on. And keeping the chill vibes coming in my Kick Back Jacket allllll day long. Hey mum – anything good on Netflix at the moment?'  


Model: Shadow
What I love about this coat: Body confidence for every dog bod
Not: Since when does one size really fit all?
Shadow says:
'Being big boned means that it isn’t always easy to find a look that flatters. So, what’s a dog supposed to do when the temperature drops but you’re not in the mood for rainy romps at the park? You fetch your Bumble Jumper, of course! This snug, not-so-little number hugs my curves in all the right places, which makes it just pawfect for well-endowed chests like mine. And let’s not furget that it’s 2022, hoomans!
Time to celebrate doggy diversity in all its glory, with a choice of four different stripey colours to suit every coat under the wintery sun - seagrass, lavender, berry and bluebell. Woof yeah.'


Models: Summer
Hot: Embracing your multiple pawsonalities
Not: One trick ponies (and doggos)!
Summer says:
'What does a dog named Summer have to say about winter? Paw-lenty! That’s why I wanted to share not one but three different looks today and I think you’ll agree, the camera loves me. Just like I love it. And my pawrents. And my furrends. And this Love Snuggie that comes in pink aaand blue. (Gotta love that feeling of being wrapped up in a cloud of warm blankety goodness…)
But I gotta confurss – some days I want to mix things up. You know, match my look to my mood. And my mood to my look. This Go Go Green Reversible Snuggie does the trick all right. It’s stripey, subtle, and stylish all in one. A must have for any winter furshinista!' 


Model: Mackenzie
Hot: Getting your 20 hours
Not: Overexerting oneself
Mackenzie says:
'Forget what you read about in fairy tales. In my house it’s all about furry tails! My favourite is sleeping beauty. Mum says I’m the OG snow white… a real-life princess. She just loves to spoil me and I’m a very lucky girl. She even bought me one of these chic new Sleepwear Softies in every colour. It’s cosy, stretchy and even comes with its own hoodie which makes me look even cuter when I’m snuggled up by mum’s side or in one of my many beds. Now, I don’t mean to toot my own snout, but I saw this trend coming, hoomans. I’ve been asking the Kazoo Krew for PJs for years!'


Model: Maisey
Hot: Doing your bit for caninity
Not: Winter blues
Maisey says:
'My friend Shadow and I got woofing the other day. You know. Just kicking back and chewing the fat about well… how I don’t really have any. Not that I can help it of course, that’s just how I am. And when you really feel the cold like me, winter can get a bit ruff. This pawsome Greyhound Jumper is designed just for my unique body type and this year, it even comes in a brand-new Kakadu Plum colour!
I might have short hair, but it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and out to know that a share of the proceeds goes to Greyhound Rescue. They help my greyhound friends to find a furever family. Just like mine. It also comes in a range of pawsome colours, just thing to brighten up winter days!'


And there you have it, hoomans!

We think you’ll agree, the dogs of Kazoo really are hot dogs indeed. Which look do you think your furry bestie will love most? Comment below or check out this year’s Winter Warmers Collection for even more furshionable fun.



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  • Kim Randle

    Mummy just goes crazy when all the new Kazoo cloths come out. We love ❤️ our winter 🥶 hoodie’s it’s been so cold miss chilli 🌶 and miss coota (her Aboriginal name name is Gugamundra but training was difficult to call her so we shortened to place of birth Cootamundra.

  • Ollie

    Hi guys I’m Ollie a 4 year old jug I absolutely love the sleepwear softie it’s screaming my name all those snuggles I could have unfortunately I’ve been in a bit of pain lately because of this cold weather so have to stay rugged up I believe this jacket would be my perfect companion to keep me staying warm my Insta is @olliethepuppy10 and we would love to show off to our friends about the lovely cozy jacket too so we can all get matching 🥰🥰

  • Amelia

    We definitely love the sleepwear softie unfortunately with all the cold our little boy Ollie has gotten arthritis so he would love a cozy jumper to snuggle up in bed with to keep him cozy and warm his favourite hobby is also sleeping so it’s the perfect match of a jumper

  • Melissa

    (original_supercooper) the sleepwear softie is my all time favourite! It’s light, warm and I wear it everywhere… even when we go hiking! Thanks

  • Tash

    Look number 3’s raincoat is a personal favourite! Daisy has a passion for fashion and loves dressing up, but staying cozy in her little jackets. She recently sported the raincoat on a rainy day at the beach! Thankfully, the raincoat protected her from the rain, but didn’t stop her rolling in the wet sand. Daisy would love more jackets to show off.

    Instagram: dais.y.cavoodle

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