Lockdown: A Pet's Pawspective

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Kazoo dog

Hey hoomans,

Now I know lockdown is a bit of a drag for you guys. You can’t see your friends, can’t travel, can’t go to social events, have to stay at home unless for essential reasons. Basically it sucks.

But from my perspective, lockdown is great. Suddenly my family are home all the time. There’s lots of cuddles, lots of games, lots of walks and lots of food.

I’ve never got to spend so much time with my people and it’s totally pawsome. I really feel like an important part of the furmily. 

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 So let's hear it from my furry, feathered and fishy friends...


 Kazoo cat bed

Lockdown has made my mum a bit stressed. She is quite social and likes to catch up with her friends, go out to dinner etc on a regular basis. But now she can’t go out of the house and she’s feline pretty lonely.

That’s why I’ve made it my purrority to be there for her with lots of hugs and snuggles. I think she gets a lot of comfort out of just holding me and having the psychological reassurance of my companionship.

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Kazoo dog jumper

Look I love lockdown. I mean really love it. My folks are home all the time and I’m the centre of attention. Cuddles, walks, games, I’ve never had it so good.

But what happens when lockdown ends? When mum and dad go back to work and the kids go back to school?

I’ve got used to having them around and being a part of the family. And I’m worried that when they all disappaw, I’m gonna be lonely and bored. Stuck here at home on my own with no-one to play with.

I just know I’m gonna get anxious. And then I’ll start fretting and barking.

Oh well, guess I can always chew on the furniture…

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 Kazoo rabbit grooming brush

Honestly, the last few months have been the best of my life. I really feel my owner and I have bonded. Loads of ear scratches, cuddles and attention.

And I think I’ve been helping them stay grounded while they're well… grounded. I give them plenty of companionship and something to focus on other than feeling isolated and lonely. I need regular affection, exercise and looking after, so that keeps them pretty busy.

Anyway, I’ve rabbited on long enough.

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Kazoo Cat Bed

Don’t get me wrong. I love my humans as much as the next feline. But I’m quite a purrivate animal and now I have to put up with them touching me and picking me up all hours of the day.

Used to be that they’d give me a hug in the morning and would play with me and give me cuddles in the evening when they got home. And I was down with that. Gave me time to play with my scratching post, sit on my window seat, give myself a good clean and generally have some quality me(ow) time.

But now I’m expected to sit on their lap and be stroked and petted 24/7. And between you and I, I’m getting hissed off. I’m not normally aggressive but now I find that instead of climbing the curtains, I’m climbing the walls.

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Kazoo bird toy

Apparrotly, having a bird is a great way to make the blues fly away during lockdown.

Not only are we good for your health and wellbeing, but we provide companionship, reduce stress and keep your brain active. We also require lots of attention and social interaction, which keeps you from getting bored.

Hey, we can even have a conversation with you. Just don’t ask us if we want a cracker!

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Kazoo fish

I know what you’re thinking. How can a fish help during lockdown? It’s not like I can cuddle it or anything.

Well no, that’s true. And please, don’t even try. But you’d be surprised just how much having an aquarium can help with the stresses of lockdown.

You see there’s something incredibly peaceful and relaxing about watching us swimming peacefully in our tanks. It calms your stress and helps you get in tuna with your inner Zen master.

So if you feel like you’re drowning in boredom during lockdown then look into getting an aquarium. Believe me, you’ll tank me later.

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  • Linda

    Such a good read, lockdown is hard, our pets make it easier.

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