ONE COAT OR TWO? Does my dog need a coat, jacket or jumper this winter?

Dog with newspaper. Do dogs need coats?

Hi hoomans,

Juno here with the first edition of Chew The Fat, the Kazoo newsletter that digs into all the meaty issues affecting our fur-legged friends.

Today’s topic is the perennial question of whether dogs need coats or jackets during the Aussie winter.

Unfurtunately, people, the answer cannot be distilled down into a simple yes or no. You see, turns out that some breeds don’t need coats, and some do.


Husky dog in snow with dog in pyjamas

Take my furriend, Snowy, fur example. She’s a Siberian husky and her coat is thicker than a bone-in Ribeye.

In Summer, she can usually be found under the A/C or fan... but when Winter rolls back around she’s in her happy place!

So, yeah, when it comes to dogs like Snowy with thick coats of their own, then there isn’t much need for a dog jacket or dog jumper.


Greyhound wearing pyjamas


On the other paw, there’s my mate Rocco. He’s a greyhound and can run fast enough to outrun anything. Except the cold.

You see, Rocco has a thin coat and very little body fat. So he gets real nippy, real easy. Luckily, Kazoo have a fantastic range of greyhound jumpers to chase the winter chills away. And 15% from each one goes to Greyhound Rescue so that dogs like Rocco can find furever homes.

Now, doesn’t that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?


Dogs wearing rain coats


Speaking of grey, you know who else feels the cold a lot? Senior dogs. 

Yep! Hounds who are getting a bit long in the tooth can find it difficult to stay warm and this puts them at greater risk of hypofurmia. So, a snuggly jacket, a dog raincoat or even dog pawjamas can be just what the dogtor ordered.

One of my best mates, Baxter, is getting on a bit and can’t hear as well as he used to. So, when he goes walkies, he can’t hear when his parents call his name. Furtunately, Kazoo brought out a hi-vis rain jacket so now they can spot Baxter wherever he goes. Thank Dog!!

A small white dog in a cherry red Kazoo Adventure Coat



You know who else likes a dog jumper or coat come Winter? Little dogs. Think Chihuahuas, Dachshunds, French Bulldogs, Toy Spaniels and Pugs.

These little guys feel the cold way worse than bigger dogs. Don’t ask me why, I’m a pooch not a professor, but if you want to know more you can read about it here.

Turns out that these ankle biters really appreciate an extra coat in the chilly months. Not just for walkies, but when they are inside and chillin, or rather, warming with their hoomans.


dog looking cosy in grey dog pyjamas in dog bedHOT DOGS:

Us doggos are really not that different from you hoomans. We like to have good food, fun times, lots of love and plenty of comfort.

And that’s why some of my mates have become pawtial to Kazoo’s range of pawjamas and snuggies.

Climb into a Kazoo dog bed wearing a set of these little beauties and you are in for the pawsomest night’s sleep you can imagine.


Dog wearing bright blue waterproof rain coatMUMS DON’T LIKE MUD:

The other reason for giving your dog a coat is to protect theirs from getting muddy or smelly. Not a problem for us doggos, but we know you hoomans are not big fans of pongy pooches.

With a Kazoo dog coat, mud can be easily wiped off. And if things are really muddy, it’s way easier to wash than a struggling hound.


So, why do I wear a Kazoo coat?

Well, partly it’s because I like to keep the rain off during wet, cold walkies, and partly because I like to feel that little bit extra toasty.

But the real reason I wear them is cause they transform me and my krew into the ultimutt pack of sofursticated and stylish hounds about town.


dog wearing a selection of dog clothes



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