Strutting into Spring - GIVEAWAY


dog outdoor bed in spring timeIt’s time to shake off those wet winter blues and get back out there!

Well thank goodness that extra cold winter is finally over! With doggos chomping at the bit to head outdoors with our hoomans, we’re making the most of the warmer months with four fun ways to do Spring like a champ.


dog walking in dog harness on bush trackShed the winter pooch

No judgement here hoomans, it happens to the best of us. Luckily with all those new and exciting sights, smells, and sounds to (literally) get stuck into – now’s the pawfect time for exercising off those extra kilos with some lovely long walkies sessions! 

Just be warned… we dogs can find all those new Spring plants to sniff and creatures to chase extremely enticing. And since we’re not exactly known for stopping to think before we run off, it’s really impawtant to keep us safe and secure with the right collar, lead or harness. Of course, you won’t want to forget about style either. We love looking like the most dapper dog on the block so why not bring on the Spring vibes with a bright colour and matching set? That’s sure to get the puparazzi paying attention!


dog being brushed with deshedding dog grooming brush
Do some Spring cleaning

My pawrents aren’t the only ones after a new look. During the warmer months, dogs of all hair lengths tend to do some of their best shedding – and we love the chance to put our best paw forward with a furbulous makeover! (Just try to keep the bathtime part as quick as you can, please!)

Getting a wash and new haircut isn’t as shallow as it might sound, either.. With insects and plants both going crazy during Spring, it’s important to keep our parasite prevention up to date and with regular grooming to help minimise allergic reactions. C’mon dad, whaddya say? Let’s get itch-free and give those ticks er… a nervous tick!


dog laying on outdoor dog bed in the garden
Get some Vitamin D..og

Ah… there’s nothing quite like curling up and catching some rays with a spot of alfresco napping and bird watching! Now that the sun is finally out, I’m spotting all sorts of interesting neighbourhood activity. For starters, the postie has been delivering much more skimpy packages this month. And don’t get me started on my mate Willie Wagtail! Aside from his obviously cool name, he’s up all hours singing love songs to attract a better half. And after three non-stop nights, I reckon it might actually be starting to work!

Yep, this is better than Netflix. Think I might just stay right here for another couple of hours. (Don’t be jelly hoomans… that’s why you’re always telling us it’s a dog’s life!)


dog in play bow looking to play a dog game of fetch with Extreme Play footy
Take it to the extreme!!

Extreme play, that is. Now that the beaches, pools, and random puddles are all that extra bit warmer, they make the pawfect place for some fun hooman and hound frolicking. See, just like you two-legged types, we also enjoy the feel of sand in between our pads and splashing about on those hotter days. And, while every doggo is different, most of us were born to swim and are especially amenable if we were first introduced to the water in a fun way.

Oh, speaking woofing of fun! Have you seen this pawsome new range of tuff toys designed especially for outdoor life? There’s a footy, giant bone, and even a classic ball thrower that all float and can also withstand even the harshest of conditions… including canine. Well, what can I say? We goodest boys and girls enjoy having a job… there’s no Spring Break to be seen around here!


dog laying on beach playing with Extreme Play chew stick rubber dog toy


For your chance to win your very own EXTREME PLAY TOY, tell us what springtime fun your looking forward to. Hilarious haircuts? Risqué romps? Bonkers belly flops? Hoomans, how will you be enjoying spring with your dog?

Answer in the comments below along with your instagram handle (as we'll be announcing winners there).

This giveaway is live for one week only. Enter before Tuesday 20th for your chance to win. Five lucky winners will be announced on Wednesday 21st, so don’t forget to follow @kazoopet to find out if that’s you!

T&C’s: Entrants must leave a comment on our Strutting into Spring blog post, and follow @kazoopet on Instagram to be in the running for a coat. Competition is open from Tuesday 13th September to Tuesday 20th September 2022. Winner can select a toy of their choice from the Extreme Toy range. This competition is not affiliated with Facebook or Instagram in any way.




  • Penny Jenkins

    We are so excited for more beach time! We are two Golden girls, Molly and Eden, who absolutely love anything water. We love having fun on the SUP with mum, jumping waves, digging holes and playing fetch by swimming out to collect our toys.

    Who doesn’t love salty hair and sandy noses!

    Not as excited for the bath and rinse off when we get home! But if it’s done by chasing hoses and running through the sprinkler then we are all for it!!

    Life just Golden.


  • Freyja @FreyjaTheStaffy

    I thoroughly enjoy turning myself into a lamington rolling in freshly mowed grass. I love chasing butterflies and finding the perfect crunchy leaf to chomp on. I like flinging my Kazoo Healthy Gums Sling Ball around the yard and bopping it on my own head as I get zoomies like a maniac! I am learning to love the water and causing a big mess in the yard with the splashes from my clam shell pool.

    Most importantly though, Spring is for soaking up the sunshine and outdoors…. and I am looking forward to running away from swooping magpies and watching Mum squeal like a weirdo on our afternoon walks. I am only 9 months old, this is my first Spring EVER! Can’t wait to see what else it brings!

  • Cowboy (@cowboythesausage)

    Howdy, I’m Cowboy the miniature long-haired dachshund 🐾
    The thing I’m looking forward to most this spring is that I’m moving walking distance from the beach! My groovy new pad will even have an outdoor area! Even though my legs are tiny they still get cramped inside my apartment so I can’t wait 🐶
    Ma is excited to get to watch me dig in the sand and splash in the water too… not as excited as I am to shake the water all over her when she tries to dry me off 😆
    My other favourite thing to do is run right into peoples picnics, veg for pats and try to steal their food! More beach days = more picnics and more embarrassing ma! I’ve never been more excited 🥳

  • Bianca

    I’ll be spending spring with my new puppy going for lots of walks for him to run around, and lots of cuddles at home giving him raspberries on his belly as archie loves them and smiles whenever people give them to him


  • Karrine (+ Mason)

    Splashing in the river,
    Playing on the shore,
    Running up and down the beach,
    I can’t wait for the weather warm,
    No other season can compare,
    Going to swim, run, play and explore!

    Mason and I will be spending our Spring down at the river soaking up the sunshine, splashing in the water and just generally loving life! 🐶☀️🥰

    @karrineandmason ❤️

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