The seasons are changing, shouldn't the dog coats?


Hey humans, 

I know we look different to you guys, (thank dog, imagine having only two legs and no tail, so weird!!!) but underneath all this fur, we’re actually pretty similar. 

We love chillin’ at home, spending time with our families, eating tasty food and playing with our toys. Just like you.

And we love going out, catching up with old friends, meeting new ones, going to different places and having lots of fun and games. Just like you. 

When you go out you like to be comfy and snug, but you also like to look stylish and smart. And so do we. 


But whereas you get to change your fur and put on lots of new, shiny coats, we’ve been stuck with the same coat we were born with. Day in, day out.

It’s all a bit unfur.

But now, thanks to those clever hoomans at Kazoo, all that has changed. 

Why? Because they’ve brought out a range of dog coats designed specifically for us canines.

Dog coats that keep us feeling warm but also make us look cool. Dog coats that are comfortable enough for us to run and play, but also look good enough to turn a few canine heads. 

So if you want to make your poochie into a Gucchi or turn your Labrador into a Labra-Dior, then check out our fashion pawrade.

 Kazoo fashion parade banner intro

Aussie bulldog wearing zip up pink and navy Kazoo dog jacket
Shadow’s our resident plus size model, and this Vovo Puffer Jacket really brings out her curves. 

The retro designed jacket was inspired by one of Australia’s favourite biscuits, (no Shadow not dog biscuit) and with its funky colour stylings, Shadow knows that the fellas are going to be drooling. Which she doesn’t mind, cause she likes a good drool herself. 

As an added bone-us, this jacket also boasts an ultra-warm, ultra-comfortable lining to keep Shadow feeling warm while she turns up the heat.


Aussie bulldog wearing striped pink and grey Kazoo dog coat
Shadow’s ready for the chase. But she also better be prepared to be chased.  Cause she’s looking hot. Those stylish stripes are accentuating her powerful build and sporty physique, while the plush, soft lining is keeping those muscles nice and warm. Yeah, yeah. Quit yapping mum and throw the ball already.



We loooove Sandy in this Blue Love Reversible Snuggie covered in blue hearts. And he seems pretty rapt in its soft snuggliness too. One minute he’s wearing his heart on his sleeve, then a quick undo and reverse and he’s styling a completely different number...

And he’s dotty about this one as well!


Groodle wearing grey and pink Kazoo dog coat
Things are looking up for Sandy. Not only is he out for walkies with his very favourite human, he’s also got a brand-new Adventure Coat with pink trim - because boys can wear pink too amiright!? 

It’s waterproof for all those rainy days we’ve been having recently and it’s fleecy lined to ensure Sandy remains a hot dog. And not just on the inside. This stylish ribbed finish and smart double-lock is gonna have all the girls panting. 

 Jack russel dog in grey Kazoo dog coat
This Grey Gum Coat is terrier-ific. Ivy just loves the sophisticated styling of the faux suede, the super-stylish zipper pockets and the discreet harness hatch.  It’s elegance pawsonified.  

It’s also got a cosy warm flannelette lining and is made of tough water-resistant fabric. So it won’t wear out when I wear it out. Honestly, Ivy totally digs it. Well she is a terrier after all. 


Jack russell dog in cute star design Kazoo dog jumper
Twinkle twinkle little star...

Yep, that’s Ivy looking out of this world in a Pink Twinkle Snuggie. The plush, soft lining is light years ahead of my old coat, and mum’s over the moon cause it’s machine washable. I tell ya, it’s one giant leap for canine comfort.


cute caboodle in striped pink Kazoo dog jumper
Oscar doesn’t get out of bed for less than 10 packs of Kazoo Better Beef Hide. And who can blame him? It is an ultra-comfy Possum bed after all, complete with dense orthopaedic memory foam and raised soft edges. 

But what’s making it even harder to move is this super-snuggly lightweight Bumble Jumper. It hugs him almost as well as mum and keeps him snug as a pug in a rug. Looks like Oscar's not getting out of bed for anything today. Oh well, bedder luck next time.


Cute caboodle dog in striped green Kazoo dog wrap around coat
Well, he finally managed to get out of bed. Only made it as far as the sofa, though. And now he's feeling dog-tired again. Pawsonally, I blame this Striped Snuggie in Lime. It’s got a plush soft lining and is made of super soft touch cotton. It’s just made for dog naps. Oh well, that’s another day wasted...


Thanks for the modelling guys! It’s a wrap. 

So hoomans, if you want your doggo to stay warm this winter, (and of course, look extremely houndsome and stylish), get us one of these super warm knits, tailored coats, zip-up jackets or cute snuggies. Strut into a pawsome pet shop, or check out the range online. There’s a huge range to choose from, great styles and patterns, and each one is guaranteed to keep us as snug as a pug in a rug.


 Fangs a lot


Psst... Not sure we've got your doggo's size covered? Check out our size guide right here.


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