What's Your Winter Pawsonality?


Which winter pawsonality are you? Hibernator, comfort zoner, adventurer or extremist?
Winter is here.

It rolls around once every 7 years. And just like our hoomans, we doggos have our own unique take on how we like to spend those shorter days and cooler nights. So I’ve brought my furrriends along today to share their unique pawsonalities and help you find out which type of Winter Wagger you are, too.


Dog dreaming of sunny days

The Hibernator

‘Boring Brixton’. ‘Drowsy Doggo’. ‘Hibernating Hound.’ I’ve heard it all and… hold on a sec... let me just have a nice biggggg yawwwn. Ahhhh. That’s better. Where was I? Oh yes. You could say I’m not exactly active during the colder months. But it’s not my fault.

I have a condition known as SAD: Seasonal Affective Dogease.

It’s similar to the Winter Blues, but with even more furtigue. And that’s not all. I’m pretty sure that those of us with ‘Hibernator’ pawsonality are actually one-fifth Colorado bear. You see, from Monday to Friday you’ll find me lounging, snoozing, and snoring the day away to make sure I get my 20 hours of couch time in. I don’t officially have a den, but my natural habitat is pretty cosy. And most Saturdays and Sundays, my hoomans like to join in for some warm and fuzzy family time too.

As a Hibernator, I really live for the sun and that’s why I don’t really bother doing much at all until September. So until then please just do me a furvour: Wake me up when it’s all over?


Dog in bed, dog chewing a bone, dog snuggling

The Comfort Zoner

For dogs with this winter pawsonality type like me, it’s allllll about the creature comforts. And while I’ll probably never say no to a trip to the park, you’re much more likely to find me snuggled up at home. What’s not to love?

For starters, there’s nothing like curling up by a roaring fire or warm hooman and getting stuck into a good book like The Dogvinci Code, The Lion the Witch and the Pawdrobe or anything by Jane Pawsten. Then there’s all those comfort eats n treats to indulge in. During the winter months, mum and dad like to get the crockpot out, and I’m always the first to raise a paw if there’s a hearty stew simmering away all day (mmm, who wouldn’t want to ditch the diet for that kind of chunky-sauced magnificence?).

Ultimuttly though, I think my furvourite winter activity has got to be cuddles on the couch over a good Netflix binge session with the pawrents.
It’s bound to bring on the warm and fuzzies for Comfort Zoners like me!


Bulldog in coat walking at dog park

The Explorer

Don’t get me wrong, what dog doesn’t like walkies? But for three glorious months a year…

It’s Sniffari Season, baby!

And for dogs with an Explorer pawsonality like me, that means that deep inside our snouts, over 300 million olfactory receptors come out to play and start doing cartwheels. Or at least, I’m pretty sure that’s what happens. Because what were mere grass patches in summer now become ecosystems of fascinating forensic evidence in winter.

What were simple lamp posts in spring are now transformed into ‘who done it’ pee mysteries that simply must be solved before dinner time. And those seemingly inconspicuous nature strips, leaves and weeds that my hooman and I walked past in autumn? In winter, they give off deliciously complex scents that I find to be just as irresistible as secret table scraps or that cute fox terrier who just moved in across the road.

You see, fur Explorer dogs like me, there’s so much ground to cover and no neighbourhood is too big or street too small.

So rug up and let’s get going people!

I need to discover what’s going on in the backyard and the local park and… don’t even get me started on the winter forest walks I’ve planned! That’s pure warm and fuzzy goodness right there.


Little corky dog in a coat exploring the back yard, sniffing and trotting around.

The Extremist

Winter mornings. I’ve heard they can be bleak and boring… but not at my house! There’s no need to stay stuck at home just because it’s cold outside. I’ve got it all worked out.

First up, waking up the pawrents with lovely licks on the face, which means the lights get switched on pronto! Then it’s just a matter of making big adorable eyes until one of them gives in and takes me to the park. As soon as I’m out of the car it’s straight into a zoomies session, which did you know was at least 27% more fun on cold soggy soil?? I can leave paw prints for weeks after a good one of those!

Then it’s time for a refreshing splash in an icy cold puddle or five which makes you feel all sorts of alive. Especially if the hoomans have timed it so your mates are there at the same time and we can all splash, splash, splash and shake, shake, shake together. It’s like a doggy mosh pit, I feel all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it.

Then there’s full-on, non-stop, rolling romps in mud. Plenty of digging and scratching and fetching.

I do wear myself out (for a few seconds), and I do usually get told off for making a bit of a mess. But I don’t judge mum and dad for their trackie-dack habits do I? Exactly. Plus, I’ve found that wet kisses make everything ok again. Luff you guys!


So what's your winter pawsonality?

There you have it - four very different doggos with four very different winter pawsonalities! Tell us which winter pawsonality your pooch relates to most, and why.


  • cheryll

    clementine is totally the hibernator !! she literally sleeps all day in winter cause to her, it’s too cold to get out of bed !

  • Sophie

    Maxy is definitely an extremist! He’s a puppy who is happiest playing outside. Especially if there is a puddle or leaf to investigate. @maxythecavi

  • Chloe K

    Peach is 1000% a comfort zone pup or I like to call it Eat, Sleep, Repeat. Living her best life, sleeping is her profession and vacuuming up her food is a close second!

  • Ellie

    Lilo & Lovie are definitely a couple of comfort zoners! Anything fluffy, cozy & cuddly is their go-to that’s why we love Kazoo products!

  • Jasmine & Daisy

    Daisy is 10000% a comfort zoner! All she does all day is lye around on comfy things like her mums bed, the couch and soft blankets and pillows in her comfy Kazoo jumpers! She also loves eating as many treats as she is allowed too! Her Instagram handle is @_daisymae23

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