Who wore it best? The ultimutt dog fashion showdown & giveaway


You know what the best thing is about us woofers? Apart from our soulful eyes, playful personality and always wagging tail?

Our coats. 

Pooches come in all shapes and sizes, and so do our coats. 

They can be  smooth, short, double, heavy, wiry, silky, long or curly. Whatever type they are, one thing’s for sure. You hoomans always love to to pat them, cuddle them and groom them.  

But you know what? Sometimes our coats aren’t quite up to the job. Particularly on wintry rainy days. We get wet, we get muddy, and we get cold. Oh, and we get smelly. We don’t mind the last one, but you guys hate it and make us have baths. Grrr!

Furtunately, the klever krew at Kazoo have come up with a solution. A super-snuggly, pawfectly practical range of jackets, coats and knits that keep us toasty, dry and comfy. And they're so stylish too!

There’s just one problem...

We can’t decide who looks the best. Shadow is convinced that no one rocks a Snuggie jacket like she does, but Sandy has other ideas. And Oscar and Daisy very nearly had a rumble in the bumble over who looked best in the bumble jumper. 

And that’s why we need your help hoomans. So, we can settle this once and fur all. 

We’re going to show you eight pairs of doggies wearing identical Kazoo jumpers /knits /jackets and we want you to pick who wore it best. 

It’s not going to be easy though. Each of them looks pretty damn fetching, so you’ve got your work cut out. But we’re not expecting you to do it for free. C’mon guys, this is Kazoo. You didn’t think we let you leave empty-pawed, did ya?

At the end of the blog, tell us which jacket/knit/jumper would suit YOUR pooch the best and why? 

If we like your answer, you’ll win your pooch a brand new, super-stylish Kazoo Winter Warmer! 

Have we got you drooling? Then let’s jump right in…..

Kazoo polkadot snuggie dog jacket
Wow tough one to start with. Shadow and Sandy both looking equally adorable in these purple and grey Sprinkles Reversible Snuggie Jackets

Shadow loves the super soft touch cotton jersey that clings to her powerful physique and accentuates her curves, whilst Sandy loves the fact that it’s reversible. So, whenever he sees Shadow coming, he can whip off the easy velcro fastening and voila! He’s rocking a whole new grey outfit. Sweet.

Our vote? Sandy by a nose. 


Golden retriever and greyhound dog in grey kazoo dog coat

Next lab off the rank is Charlie and Maisy in our stylish Grey Gum Coat. . Charlie loves it because it’s built tough for all those muddy wet places he likes to get himself into, plus it has cool pockets that make him look quite the dapper Dan. 

Whereas Maisy likes the way it shows off her legs (which she considers her best feature) whilst keeping her body warm with the cosy flannelette lining.

Our vote? Charlie by a tongue.


Groodle and aussie bulldog in grey and pink kazoo dog coat

Ding ding! They're back for round 2. Sandy is now looking ultra-cool in this stylish silver and pink Active Adventure Coat. And he’s loving the fact it’s waterproof cause Shadow does tend to drool a little bit. Bless. 

Shadow, on the other paw, feels the cold and is loving the cosy, warm fleece lining. And she’s a big fan off the hi-vis cause she likes to be noticed. 

Our vote? Shadow by a whisker.


two small medium dogs in striped green Kazoo dog snuggie jacket

Two new contenders. On the left, weighing in at 7kg we have Gomez. And on the right, we have Oscar, who refused to sit still on the scales long enough to be weighed. Both dogs are looking seriously cool in these striped snuggie jackets. In fact, they look so gangster, we should probably call them dawgs. 

Gomez, being an all-action woofer who’s a bit of a mucky pup, loves the fact that it’s machine washable. Whilst Oscar, who’s into snuggly dog naps on the couch, loves the plush soft lining. 

Our vote? Full barks to Gomez.


Two dogs in spotty red and blue reversible kazoo snuggie jackets

Not easy to pick the champ in this bout. Gomez is rocking the colourful Sprinkles Snuggie with his best “blue steel” over the shoulder smoulder, whilst Shadow is on cloud ca-nine because she’s just discovered that the camera angle + figure hugging jacket makes her look super skinny. 

Our vote? Shadow by the skinniest of margins.


two small dogs in striped pink kazoo bumble dog jumper

Oscar is just oozing comfort in this fetching little stripey Bumble Knit number. Any more relaxed and he’d slip into a coma. And Daisy? Well Daisy is looking ultra-slim and very, very huggable in this stretchy wide-chested fit. 

Our vote: The win goes to Daisy cause she looks a knockout. 


two large dogs in grey kazoo woodshed dog jumper

Talk about Queen of Sheeba. She’s looking every inch the royal canine in this chunky knit Woolshed grey jumper. And Duke’s looking pretty noble into the bargain. He especially loves the cute pocket feature and the customised leg straps. 

Our vote: One doesn’t like to make a decision, but if one must then Duke must be crowned king. Hurrah!


two small dogs in star patterned kazoo twinkle snuggie dog jacket

Twinkle twinkle little star. Or in this case stars, cause both dogs look out of this world in these galactic dog snuggie jackets. Ivy is in the pink, whilst Oscar those blue and looks good enough to win, well, an Oscar. 

Our vote: Ivy’s cocked ears won it for us, but otherwise a dead heat.



The decision is in your paws.


For your chance to win your very own Kazoo Winter Warmer, simply:

1. Leave a comment on this blog:
  a) Telling us which canine featured above bow-wowed you in their coat/jacket/knit
  b) Also comment which Kazoo coat/jacket/knit would best suit YOUR pooch and why? Make sure you have a look at the whole Kazoo Winter Warmers range to choose the best style for your dog. 
  c) Include your instagram handle in your comment

2. To enter, you also need to following us on instagram (as we will be sharing winners there)


We will be giving out 12 winter warmers over the next 4 weeks. 
3 winners will be announced each week, on the following dates:
- Monday 24th May
- Monday 31st May
- Monday 7th June
- Monday 14th June

So keep your ears pricked!


Proudly sponsored by:

Pucchi  |  Dogue  |  Furberry  |  Ruff Lauren  |  Michael Kurs  |  Adidaschund


For competition terms and conditions, head over here.



  • Teddy

    Duke looks ever so pawsome in his wool shed jumper and ready to paw-lay!🐾
    We think @teddythecadoodle could rock a red reversible sprinkles Snuggie jacket 🥰

  • Anna

    Maisy looks so smart and stylish in her Grey gum coat. We think that @Russell.the.mc.cat will also look amazing in a grey gum coat when he feels like acting like a dog and lets us take his majesty out for a walk.

  • Fiona Morrison

    Love Shadows sprinkles reversible coat, so cute.
    For my Milly the grey gum coat

  • Jordan Sprakel

    Could not go past Charlie in the Grey Gum Coat. Soooo handsome!

    I have an Australian Kelpie, who is very active and also loves running through mud! The grey gum coat would be perfect for him in this freezing Melbourne weather! @ace_kelpie_2020

  • Lauren neill

    Shadow for the win in the active adventure coat – you cant go past that great big smile!
    I’d also love to rock my staffy smile in the active adventure coat because I love my walkies and need a coat to keep me dry while I sniff the same spot for 10 mins – mum loves when I do it 😂

    Insta handle is @Luna.the.munchkin
    Thank you!

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