Rectangle Rumble Interactive Puzzle Cat Toy

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Rectangle Rumble Interactive Puzzle Cat Toy

SKU: 14050
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Finally, the pawfect toy to entertain you at home whilst feeding you treats too! This interactive puzzle toy is a great way to stimulate those natural canine or feline instincts by making you work harder to get your snacks in.

These puzzle feeders satisfy the natural cat urge to hunt, prey and pounce on food, providing enrichment that is purrfect for their wellbeing.

This rectangle-shaped slow feeder has a non-slip base so you won't be knocking it everywhere while you play, plus has four snack pockets for your hoomans to hide your bickies. It also has a fun slider to paw at and two hideaway funnels for you to knock off to reveal the treats. It will keep you occupied for hours!

They're also made from natural wood and recycled plastic so they are safer fur you, and gentler on the Earth. 


  • Slow feeder solution for cats and dogs
  • Stimulating, enriching and interactive
  • Easy to clean with a non-slip base
  • Made of recycled plastic and natural wood 
  • Four snack pockets with hinged lids, two hideaway funnels and a sliding toggle to paw at
  • Varying levels of challenge

Caution: Always use with supervision and replace if worn

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