Hermit Crab Base Enclosure Kit - Small

SKU: K030

Hermit Crab Base Enclosure Kit - Small

SKU: K030
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Hermit crabs make a great first pet for kids, and Krabooz helps to set them up for successful pet ownership by providing everything they need for exemplary hermit crab care. There's also a free to download Carez App that provides education and reminders to keep your pet hermit crabs healthy and happy. 

The Krabooz Base Kitz has everything you need to get started caring for your pet Krabooz in this humidity controlled Liferingz habitat - a great starter habitat for your hermit crab.

Each kit includes 1 x Liferingz enclosure, 1x Zuper Zands Bedding, 1x Sampler Saltz Crystalz and 1x Sampler Munchiez food.

There’s even an adoption certificate collector card and an instruction sheet so you can set your kid's first pets up safely.

The Liferingz enclosure can be used as a habitat in its own right, or as a way of transporting your crabz to new locations.

We recommend grabbing some additional accessories like Food & Water Bowlz, Poolz, a Heat Matz, and some spare shells to complete your setup. 

Dimensions: 38cm x 38xm x 19cm

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