Aquarium Ornament Air Pump


Aquarium Ornament Air Pump

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You know how kids go nuts for bubbles? Well, turns out, fish find them irresistibubble too. They can play with them or watch ‘em for hours. And that’s not just entertaining for them, it’s entertaining for you as well.

So, make sure you grab one of these Fish Tank TV low energy air bubblers. They won’t just provide your fish with amazing fun, they also help oxygenate the tank and promote healthier fish and plant life.

This air pump connects easily to your aquarium accessories including Candy Land, Jurassic Tank, Fish Tank TV, or Wham Fluro Air Bubble Bubbler compatible décor.

  • Can delivery up to 90L air per hour
  • Not submersible in water
  • Does not include connecting hose
  • Dimensions: 8.5cm x 5cm x 8.5cm

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