Double-Sided Flea Comb

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Double-Sided Flea Comb

SKU: 12380
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Keep your mate itch-free with the handy flea comb.

Designed to easily clear out fleas and their eggs, the tightly-spaced teeth also help to remove loose hair and coat debris - so your pet will look and feel great!

IDEAL FOR:  Cats & dogs


  • Specially designed teeth with rounded ends so the process is as gentle as possible on your pet
  • Holding grooves on the handle, to make it as easy as it can be for you too!



  1. Before starting, ensure your pet's coat is dry and knot-free.
  2. Prepare a bucket of half-filled hot soapy water and a towel on which to place your pet and the bucket.
  3. When ready, start at your pet's head, working slowly down the neck and shoulders towards the pack and tail, gently comping in the direction of the hair growth. As the comb fills with debris, rinse it in the hot water in the bucket. Continue combing to the best, sides and belly, finishing on your pet's legs, paws and tail.
  4. When the whole body has be combed, a second combing a few minutes later will catch fleas that may have been initially missed.
  5. Be sure to focus on the belly, under the chin, and the tail area where fleas tend to hide.
  6. Once combing is complete, let the soapy water stand for 10-15 minutes (to kill the fleas caught).
  7. All done! Now just make sure you thoroughly wash the towel and vacuum the area used.

Length 9cm
Width 5cm
Height 1cm

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