Finishing Kit Ear & Face Care

SKU: 12777

Finishing Kit Ear & Face Care

SKU: 12777
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It's all about the detail right? Get your pet looking tip top with this grooming finishing kit. The round-tip scissors provide safe trimming to your pet's face, ears and paws, while the small contoured comb easily removes loose hair that's been cut.


Face (around eyes & ears) - make sure your pet is secured so they can't move around too much during trimming. Trim excess hair around the ears ensuring you have plenty of space and won't nip the skin. Making sure your pet is calm, hold onto its snout to get a safe grip. With the scissor tip pointing away from the eyes, slowly trim around the eye until you are happy to finish. Use the comb to remove loose hair. 

Paws - remove any debris first with a wash and brush. When ready, hold the scissors flush to the feet (not pointing towards them) and slowly trim excess hair on top of the feet, on the edge of the feet and between pads. 



  • Tire your pet out by playing with them before grooming. This way they are more likely to be calm and relaxed when you need them to be.
  • You can let your pet sniff the scissors before using so that they feel a little more comfortable with the tools. Also use praise and treats so they feel happy when being groomed.

 For more tips and tricks get out our blog on grooming.

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