Live Freshwater Mussel - Natural Aquarium Filter

SKU: MU 066

Live Freshwater Mussel - Natural Aquarium Filter

SKU: MU 066
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Cleaning a fish tank can be a dirty job. But hey, someone’s gotta do it, right?
Well yeah, but there's no reason why that someone has to be you.

Mussel Mates are nature’s cleaning crew. They clean the tank by sucking in dirty water and spitting out clean filtered water as they feed off the bacteria and fish waste.

And that means your fish get nice clean water, you get a sparkling tank and the mussels get to eat. Everyone’s a winner!

So, make sure you get a few mussels for your aquarium. Trust us, you’ll be tankful that you did!

  • Best kept with your freshwater fish aquarium or ponds
  • For small aquariums 1 - 2 Mussel Mates are suggested
  • Best not kept with pet yabbies

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