Shedding Tool

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Shedding Tool

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Keep your mates coat in top health with this top-quality shedding tool.

The precision curved blade gently grabs and removes loose hair, helping to maintain good skin & coat health while also reducing the amount of hair shed (and dirt) around your home. 

It's multi-use flexible blade is also a great tool to remove excess water after a bath, making washing that little bit less mess.

IDEAL FOR:  Wet & dry shedding 


  • Double-sided blade
  • Can use as a loop or unfasted for two-handed hold
  • Extra grip handle
  • Comfy to hold

This tool can be used as a loop, or separated into a straight blade edge:
Looped - when the handles are locked in place together, the blades will stay in a loop. You can use one hand to operate the tool easily, stroking it down the dogs body in the same direction as coat growth.

Straight Edge - ideal to cover large areas or sweep eases water from the coat after a wash. To release the loop, slide up the lock mechanism on the handle. You will need two hands to operate the tool this way.

For more tips and tricks get out our blog on grooming.

There are two sides to the blade on the tool, coarse-edged and fine-edged. Use the coarse side for heavier coats and the fine side for thinner coats. 

Start with the blade at the top of the body, following the natural hair pattern, gently and carefully draw the blade down the body. Use flowing strokes, separating the hair as needed. 

Excess, looks outer-coat hair will gather in the blade and can be easily removed.

To fluff the coat, stroke the tool against the natural direction of hair growth.

If your dog is nervous with the tool or deshedding, go slowly and calmly. Use treats and praise to build positive associations with grooming.

NOTE: Do not allow children to use. Never use this tool with a sawing motion. Be cautious with the amount of pressure applied to avoid causing your pet discomfort or harm.

For more tips and tricks get out our blog on grooming.

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