Bubbling Silicone Sea Lettuce Assorted

SKU: 19676

Bubbling Silicone Sea Lettuce Assorted

SKU: 19676
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Bring your underwater world to life with neonThis tank-safe ornament will keep your fish delighted and entertained with natural surroundings that mimic their natural environment in the deep blue. 


  • Long-lasting colour
  • Aquarium safe & non-toxic
  • Weighted base for easy placement
  • Soft silicone moves gently with water
  • Hiding places to reduce anxiety for your fish 
  • Glow in UV or blacklight

Height: 8cm
Width: 17cm
Depth: 11cm

NOTE: Silicone tube is included to attach to air pump. Air pump not included.
Always rinse ornaments before placing in aquarium

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