Our furrvourite bloopers of 2022

Let's finish the year on a laugh!

They say never work with children or animals, but there's no avoiding the latter here at Kazoo HQ. We actually LOVE working with our furry models. However, each photoshoot does require a fair bit of skill, animal handling, bribery, mind-reading and patience.

By the beautiful shots you see online, you might think all of our shoots go smoothly, but we have kittens fall asleep, dogs burying products we're taking photos of, spontaneous grooming sessions and then there's the nodding off on set!

Funny moments from out shoots

There were so many silly outtakes from this year, but we know hoomans are busy animals so we've compiled the best of them fur you. Let's take a meowment to celebrate our impawfections.

 Photos of pets with their tongues out

 Photos of pets snoozin' on set

Siblings sharing the limelight

Furrocious photos 

Photos of meowdels walking out of the set

Photos of pets off balance


Thanks for sharing another big year with us, we wouldn't be here without chew!

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