Christmas Gift Guide - Staff Picks: 1st Edition


Too dog-tired to think of gift ideas?

The Kazoo Krew share their pawsonal picks for their pets, pounce on their ideas here!

Sian's gifts for a furry good boy

1. Christmas Bluebottle
He loves to drag things around and the long tentacles mean we can play a game of tug!

2. Christmas Magpie
This one actually wants to play unlike the ones that taunt him on our walk. 

3. Santa hat
Move over Santa - he’s made a list, he’s eaten it twice 😂 

Matt showers Happy in tweets this Christmas

1. Christmas Bird Star
Happy loves bright colours and all the moving parts on this Christmas Bird Star!

2. Wooden Mirror Perch
He's obsessed with looking at himself and this mirror keeps him busy for hours!

3. Vine Ball Christmas Tree
Bells make Happy happy and he loves to pull the crinkle paper out of this tree.



Lexie holding her feline friend Charles

Lexie's Purrfect Pressies

1. Christmas Cat Toy - Silvervine Tree

He’s not into catnip, but silvervine turns his feline frown upside down!

2. Christmas Kitty Craves Anchovies - 100gm

He loves anything fishy flavoured, so these festive Kitty Craves will make the purrfect stocking stuffer.

3. Christmas Cat Toy - Rudolph Wand Teaser

Not even Brisbane’s grumpiest cat can resist a good pounce and play sesh! This wand teaser will be sure to activate his hunting instincts.


What pawsome gifts will you be gifting to your furry besties this year? Shop our Christmas collection here to get tails wagging in your house. 

Stay tuned for our next edition of Krew Christmas chew-oices!

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