All We Want For Christmas Is To Rescue All The Animals

Kazoo's community includes some of the most loving pet families in Australia and spans far and wide. And that’s why this Christmas we're partnering with Sydney Dogs & Cats Home to help raise funds and support pets in need. They work tirelessly to rescue, rehome and rehabilitate pets and with Christmas on the horizon, they need help. They're appealing for donations and future furever families to open up their heart and home.



    The pet ownership boom was real.

    Between 2019 and 2021, almost 2.5 million cats and dogs were welcomed into Aussie homes as a constant source of companionship and affection. To put that into pawspective, that means one out of every five dogs currently in Australia were acquired during the pandemic. Yet less than a year later, many of these same pets now face very uncertain futures as shelters are being forced to turn them away due to overpopulation. 


    Pets are for life, not just the pandemic or a present.

    Speak with any shelter director (and we’ve spoken with many) and you’ll learn that there’s no such thing as bad pets, just bad circumstances.

    Lockdown life was strange for everyone, and many animals weren’t given the chance to be properly socialised or trained when they were young. Owners may have also found it hard to deal with their pets’ separation anxiety when they went back to work, or simply did not give any thought to the right pet for their lifestyle. But that doesn’t mean they’re unworthy of giving another family a wonderful friendship, far from it! As Sydney Dogs and Cats Home says, It’s simply beautiful to see animals who are adopted thrive in their forever home. Adoption can not only transform the animal, but enrich the lives of people who adopt. We love bringing people and pets together."


    Animal homelessness in numbers:

    - While there is no one single source of abandoned pets in Australia, it has been estimated that of more than 200,000 dogs were admitted to shelters annually pre pandemic, and 20% of them were euthanised. For the dogs surrendered by their owners, 86% of the time it was for human-related reasons. Now in December 2022, those numbers are unfortunately predicted to be much higher due to the current shelter overpopulation crisis.

    - A female dog that isn’t spayed and whose puppies are also not spayed has the potential to produce 512 puppies in just three years. Meanwhile, an incredible 4,948 kittens can be born from one unspayed female cat and her offspring in seven years.

    - In the US, it is reported that only 10% of all dogs ever born will find a forever home. While we don’t have access to those statistics here in Australia, we can make it less of a sad one. The Pet Rescue Directory lists over 900 nationwide shelter organisations that can help you find your future furrend.


    You can help with just a few clicks:

    We know our wonderful community of animal lovers can make a real difference out there, and it doesn’t take much effort to make an impact. Here are three quick ways to help right now:

    1. Spread the word by sharing this article with your supportive network of hoomans. You never know who might read it, and who might just be rescued because of it!
    2. Before adopting a rescue pet, learn how to make an informed decision about the pawfect match for your family right here.
    3. When are decide to get a get a pet, be aware of their predicted lifespan and that you are committing to at least that many years caring for your furrend.
    4. Donate to the Sydney Dogs & Cats Home Christmas Appeal, Kazoo will dollar match any donation. Donations help to: 
      • Give pain relief to an injured animal
      • Give a mama cat and her sick kittens food and vet care for a week
      • An anaesthetic monitoring machine support vet staff and all the animals in their care
    5. Shop the Kazoo Christmas range, as 15% of all proceeds go towards Sydney Dogs & Cats Home

    Looking for furever pawrents

    Our furrends at Sydney Dogs and Cats Home  have pawsome pets looking for their furever home!  All their pets come vet checked, vaccinated, flea and worm treated, sexed and microchipped.


    The Gift of Giving

    We're kicking off the season of giving with donating $1000 to the Sydney Dogs & Cats pawsome cause, and will donate 15% of sales from our Christmas Range

    Also, we're celebrating 12 days of Christmas with a different sale from December 1st to 12th. To get pupdates, sign up to our email list! 

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