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Easter might be a great time of year for us, with Easter eggs, hot cross buns and raisin toast. But for dogs, well, not so much.

You see, our poor old pooches can’t stomach Easter... and we mean that literally. Chocolate poisons them and raisins and currants play havoc with their digestive system.

So, what can you do to turn your dog from a faster to a feaster this Easter?

Easter basket with dog safe treats

Well, fortunately, help is at paw. With Kazoo’s fangtastic range of Easter dog treats. A mouth-watering selection of yummy looking, yummy tasting dog cookies that will satisfy their sweet tooth without making them sick.

Each dog cookie is lovingly handmade and crafted with select healthy ingredients. High protein flour, free-range egg, vegetable oil, beef liver chips, natural colours & flavours, sugar, carob & yoghurt.

These are then carefully blended together, hand-crafted into fun and entertaining shapes and baked to pawfection.

And voila! There you have it. Easter dog biscuits. The pawfect substitute for chocolate.

Kazoo Easter Dog Treats

So now you can say goodbye to all those pleading puppy eyes, and say hello to a tail wagging doggo who can join in the festive family feasting without suffering from an upset tummy.

👉Click now👈 to explore Kazoo's fangtastic Easter Treat range and transform your dog from a faster to a feaster this Easter! 🐣🌷

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