A Letter To Santa Paws (or Santa Claws) 🎄

Dear Santa Paws,

Shadow here, the best behaved pooch in Sydney. Don't furget about me, too! I'm Bounty the cat.

This year, what with it being the season of peace and goodwill, we’ve decided to put our differences aside and write a joint letter to you. We wanted to let you know how well-behaved we've both been - we defurnitely made the Nice List this year!

So here goes...

Shadow: I’ve been supawbly behaved this year, Santa. I didn’t chase the postman even once, and I even tried my hardest not to trample through mum's garden beds.

Bounty: You still chased me up a tree three times. And destroyed one of dad’s furvourite slippers. I’ve been way better than Shadow, Santa. I didn’t scratch the new sofa, and I stopped chewing on power cords.


Shadow: What about all those times you sit in front of the bird cage to scare the heck out of Happy? Or when you killed mum’s houseplant?

Bounty: Well... nobody’s purrfect. Santa Claws knows that.

Shadow: Anyway, Santa, since I’ve been so good this year, I was wondering if you would bring me some of these pawsome new Coffee Wood Chew Sticks from Kazoo. They're so fun to gnaw on, and they keep my chompers clean and pearly white.

Bounty: I hope they help with that bone breath of yours too...

My turn now. What I’d really love, Santa, is a high bed scratch post. It’s tall enough to be out of reach of Shadow and her incessant tail wagging, and it’s got a comfy bed fur my cat naps.

Shadow: Bone breath? Well, at least I don’t spend my life coughing up hairballs. And speaking of balls, Santa, I’d really like it if you could bring me an extreme play dog tough footy ball. The Pitty next door has one and he swears it’s the best toy he’s ever had. Oh, and one of those hide n tre…

Bounty: Hey, no fair. You don’t get two goes! Hi Santa, what I purrticularly want is one of those jungle sloth soft toys. They’ve got catnip and silvervine to help me chill out after another tough year living with Shadow.

Shadow: Bite me furball! Ooh, that reminds me. How about a pack of those Kazoo Prime Cuts? The ones with chicken pawlease.

Bounty: If you get a snack, then I get a snack. Some of those yummy Kitty Craves please Santa. That would be furbulous.


Shadow: You mean furballous? Anyway, Santa, I’m looking forward to seeing you on Christmas Eve.

Bounty: And I pawromise I won’t let her eat your cookies like she did last year. 

Shadow: Hey, you drank his milk!!!!

What's on your list to Santa Paws? Tell us in the comments below!


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