Rawhide: Ultimutt chew or furbidden snack?

Grrrretings hoomansI’m Sheba, one of the resident spokespawsons here at Kazoo and today I’m going to be chewing the fat with you on my favourite topic - treats! Or rather, long-chew treats, because, well, I'm a choosy chewer.

My favourite chews are ones that last for a long time and taste good. Pretty simple really, and so is Rawhide. Don't know much about Rawhide? I thought we would dig a little deeper into what it is, and to fetch the facts and sniff out the good stuff. 


what is rawhide
Rawhide is made from cow, pig, sheep, horse or even water buffalo skin. Not the outside of the hide, (which is usually used for leather shoes, garments and upholstery) but the layer inside that. This is treated and dehydrated and then formed into chew treats of different sizes, shapes and colours. The one you see most often is in the shape of a bone.

Rawhide is a great treat for dogs. Not only does it use the by-product of the leather industry to good effect, it's also a healthy treat for dogs.

However, if you have a little nosey around online, you will see that Rawhide has gotten a lot of what we in the trade call “mixed reviews.” That's because there really is a mixed standard of quality in the industry. Just like in leather goods, there are different grades of hide, and just like food production, there are different standards, quality and treatment within production. There have been some bad stories of all sorts of additives, glue and chemicals added to some rawhide treats. Ask a vet and they'll tell you that rawhide is safe and great as long as you avoid the dodgy stuff.


rawhide watch outs

Source properly. There are a number of companies out there with sub-par quality and safety standards making rawhide products. Good quality rawhides have been properly washed and cleaned and all harmful chemicals and bacteria removed. But in some countries (particularly China,)  lead, arsenic, formaldehyde and other toxic chemicals are used in the cleaning process. Unfurtunately, not all companies bother to remove these chemicals before putting them out for consumption. As a result, dogs can get very sick, or pawly as we call it. Always make sure you know where your rawhide chews are coming from. If it doesn’t say on the pack, or you are worried about the country of origin, then don’t buy it. 

Tough Chew vs easy to break off - If rawhide has not been properly treated, it can break easily and we can swallow a big chunk. And when this happens it can get stuck in our tummies. That’s cause although rawhide is digestible, big bits are too much for our tummies. Top- Quality rawhide breaks off in tiny chunks and will avoid this.

Avoid added flavours and colours - Choose natural. Added chemicals might taste yummy and look pretty, but they can be ruff on your dog’s stomach.


 WHY DO POOCHES LOVE IT?Kazoo better beef hide dog chewsSimple. We love to chew. You know you play on your phone, read a book, watch a movie etc to occupy and entertain yourself? Well, we chew. It’s how we play, keep our jaws and teeth strong and healthy, and unwind and de-stress. Doesn’t hurt that it tastes of delicious, yummy beef as well.


WHY YOU SHOULD CHEWSE KAZOO?What is Kazoo better beef hide dog chewsWe call our chew treats "Better Beef Hide" because simply, our chews are better. We manufacture them to top-quality standards and only use the best quality hide. You can tell the difference really - well me and my pals can.

Kazoo has been selling rawhide over 10 years and it's still one of our best-sellers getting rave reviews weekly. There's a reason for this, or rather, there's a few reasons...

1. Top- Quality - Our better beef hide chew bites are made in Thailand from the highest-grade premium rawhide. So, they contain no added nasties, poisonous chemicals or harmful bacteria.

2. Healthy - They're nutritionally sound. They’re low in fat, and, because they are not irradiated, they retain their high protein levels. We use only natural colours and flavours so there is nothing harmful to give poochie the poopies.

3. Catered to size - Every dog is different and obviously a little dog like a Chihuahua is going to have a much softer bite than an Alsatian or Rottweiler. A bigger dog is going to need a tougher and more robust chew. Choosing the right size rawhide for your dog, is pretty simple. If the piece of rawhide is small enough that your dog could swallow it whole, they might.

Also consider your dog’s age. Young pups and senior dogs have softer mouths than their adult counterparts. Basically, your dog’s chewing style will change over time and therefore you should change your chew treats accordingly. Fortunately, Kazoo has a wide range of chew bites pawfect for doggoes of all ages. 

Always make sure you keep an eye on your dog when he/she’s chewing on a rawhide chomp and once the chew has gotten to be too small, take it away so there is no risk of them swallowing it. 

Kazoo Better Beef Hide size guide


Rawhide, if properly sourced and treated properly can be a hound’s best friend. Fun, tasty and oh so long-lasting. You’ve just got to make sure you buy the good stuff from a reputable source. Like ours.

Kazoo dog chew Better beef hide range

If you’re planning to give your favourite furry friend, a tasty, teeth-toughening, time-consuming treat then make sure you chewse Kazoo Better Beef Hide. The chompion of chews.


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