My First Pets

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    Inspiring the next generation of pet lovers, this range is designed for small kids, big kids and the kid inside all of us.

    We offer a wide variety of exciting small pets that will captivate your children and set them up for life with a love of animals.

    There’s Krabooz, the ultimate Hermit Crab experience. Complete with habitats, shells, cool accessories/ornaments and food and water. There’s even a fun interactive story featuring animation and video and a clawsome interactive app your kids will love.

    Insectimo – Give your kids a real buzz with this stick insect experience. Just stick ‘em in the stylish Insectimo pod, give ‘em food, water and a little humidity and they are all set. But bee warned. Your kids will be bugging you for all the cool accessories like lights, magnifying glass, branch jars and demisters.

    Fish Tank TV – The fintastic interactive fish experience. Featuring tanks with incredibubble backdrops, accessories and ornaments, bubblers, LED lighting and colourful crystals. Guaranteed to get your kids hooked.

    Mussel Mates – Nature’s cleaning crew. Just put them in the tank with your fish and they will get to work, sucking in dirty water, algae and impurities and squirting out water that is crystal clear. And tanks to their hard work, your tank will stay cleaner for longer.

    My First Pets are the critter-cal first step on your kid’s journey to pet ownership, teaching them responsibility with a range of low-maintenance animals. So, dive in and get your kids started on a love affair that’ll last ‘em a lifetime.

    43 products
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