One Dog: Multiple Pawsonalities 🐶

Collage of dog wearing different coats

What type of dog do you see when you look at me?

I know what you’re gonna say. Bulldog, right?

Well, yes... and no. I am a bulldog. There’s no mistaking that powerful, houndsome physique, floppy ears and adorable squashed nose.

But being a bulldog is just one small part of who I am.

 Dog with coat chewing dog toys


Take me to the park and let me off the leash and you’ll suddenly see me change into a Retriever. I’ll chase balls, hoops, sticks until your arm is falling off. I might even bring some of them back occasionally.

And when I’m in my sporty mode, I like to look the part. That’s why I wear this stylish Armadillo dog jacket. It’s soft and comfy when I run and hugs my curves in all the right places.

 Dog with raincoat in the backyard


Sometimes dad gets a bit overexcited and throws the frisbee way farther than he meant to. And usually, it ends up in the middle of goodness knows where.

And guess who has to go find it? Yep, you got it. Little ol’ me. These hoomans take this "fetch" thing too seriously, sometimes. 

Luckily I’ve got my heavy-duty oilskin raincoat. It’s made of super tough material which keep off the pricklies, it's waterproof (and mud-proof) and has a super soft and snuggly flannelette lining to keep me toasty.

Nature doesn’t stand a chance!


Dog wearing a pink coat and being walked on grass


I love to be warm. But that doesn’t mean I want to warm up the planet while I’m doing it. Thankfurly, the klever krew at Kazoo have started using recycled fibres in their jackets. So now, I can look hot without contributing to global warming.

Pretty cool, hey?

And talk about being green! Not only do I love a roll in the grass, I like adventures of all sorts. Like going to a forest, beach or new park with my pawrents. When we do that, I become a bloodhound, snuffling through the undergrowth and following scent trails. Not easy to do when you’ve got a pug nose, but I do my best.

This adventure coat was really made for dog life. It’s waterproof on the outside and fleecy lined inside so I can be snug as a bug, wherever we are. 


Dog wearing a jumper inside


When mum puts me in my new chestie dog jumper, I become a working dog. Working my stylish new look, that is.

The hounds on the street seem to appreciate it though. They go crazy for the classic combination of green ripe stripes and snug wide body-hugging fit. In fact, more than once, one of them has tried to follow me home. In your dreams, fellas!!

 Dog wearing a stripe jumper inside


My fur is pretty short, and when the weather turns really frosty, I feel the cold easily.

So it's lucky that my clever pawrents have just bought me this snazzy Chunky Stripe Snuggle Coat.

It’s super comfy and can be easily adjusted to fit dogs of a er, fuller figure.  

Best of all though it has this pawsome snuggly fleece lining. So, I go from chilly dog to hot dog within a matter of minutes.

 Dog with yellow rain jacket being petted


Come rain, hail or shine I like to get my sniffari on! That's when I wear my mustard raincoat. It keeps my dry and dazzling.


Dog with grey jumper inside 


I've been told I have cute ears. They're not just soft and silky to stroke, they're actually great for listening too. 

It also doesn't hurt that this long sleeved get-up makes me look adorable whichever way you look at it. In fact, it’s so adorable, that the moment I put it on, the whole furmily want to hug and cuddle with me. Then the next thing you know, they're blabbing on about their day and although I can barely understand a word they're saying, I'm just happy to be there fur them. 

Guess that makes me a therapy dog.


Dog sleeping on a bed wearing a pink jumper


So, there you have it. I’m not just one dog, I’m eight dogs in one. No wonder I get dog tired at the end of the day. Thankfurly I’ve got a trick up my sleeve. Or should I say ¾ length sleeve.

My Pooch dog Pawjamas. These bad boys (or should I say good boys?) are the last word in doggy heaven.

They are made of super stretchy and soft fabric, have a warm polo neck for maximum snuggliness, and have long sleeves that keep my legs warm on those cold winter nights. There’s even a little pocket for my treats.

As soon as I put them on, I head for my bed and it’s off to the land of nod for 10-12 hours. Hey, I need my beauty sleep to get ready for all the dogs I’m gonna be tomorrow.


What's your dogs hidden pawsonality?
Let us know in the comments below for your chance to win their own new cosy coat.


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  • Katie McGregor

    Stella is definitely dog tired (she’s a greyhound) or therapy dog for our family as our latest addition. Her mum is ensuring she is an eco dog too!


  • Pip

    I have one hot dog (a golden retriever) and one retriever (a border collie)! @pips.monsters

  • Bel

    @juniper_bluestaffy has multiple personalities – from being office supervisor when Dad is WFH, to security officer when the postie drops mail off, but her favourite would have to be snuggle bug – where not only she falls to sleep, but whoever she is laying on lands themselves in dream land too!

  • Nicole Willimott

    westie.ollie would love to win a winter coat! Ollie has many Westie personalities that all stem from zero woofs given. He has his own agenda for walking on leash, he loves to roll in anything nice and stinky and if he doesn’t want to go home he puts the brakes on and doesn’t walk any further! (lucky he’s small enough to be picked up).

  • Harley & Koda

    Koda is an older gentleman these days but will always be a diva in disguise! If things don’t go his way or his bed is not quite right, you’ll hear about it!


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