My Santa Paws wish list


Dear Santa Paws,

I have been a very good boy this year. I must have been, cause my humans keep saying “good boy,” to me and patting me on the head.

Santa paws dog with a good boy check list

I’ve learnt to do my business outside and I’ve stopped chewing on the carpet, which makes mum very happy. I’ve also made friends with the cat. (Kind of.) Although I did chase her up the Christmas tree the other day.

I don’t bark anymore when my humans use the vacuum cleaner and I’ve even given up digging holes in the garden.

Best of all tho, I’ve learnt to “come” when mum and dad call and to “sit” and “stay.”

Anyway, I’m hoping that because I’ve been so good this year, you might “fetch” me some nice new presents.

Dog with Kazoo Christmas themed dog toysI can be a bit ruff with my toys and some of them have lost their squeakers. So I would really love one of those new Christmas Kookaburra's from Kazoo. I've seen Kookaburra's sitting in gum tree's before, but I spotted mine in the Christmas Tree! That made me laugh...

Kazoo Christmas Kookaburra

Also, at Christmas my parents make all this yummy food and I don’t get any of it. (Well not much, anyway.) So this year, instead of begging them, I’m begging you to bring me some of those tasty Kazoo snacks.

Kazoo Christmas dog treats under a christmas tree

I love anything under the tree that I'm allowed to get my jaws on, particularly the Christmas Munchy Turkeys. Oh my dog, they are to die for.

 Kazoo Christmas bird toy in christmas treeMy friend Billy the budgie is also asking if you bring him some pretty Christmas toys for his beak. So, if you are feeling especially generous, maybe one of those Christmas Foraging Trees?

Oh and he sends his budgerigards btw.

Anyhow, this is my letter. Not his. Keep your beak out of it, Billy.

Where was I? Oh yes. Well, you know us dogs love balls, and what's a Christmas without a game of fetch? I would be chewly grateful if you would bring me a new Santa Paws ball. They’re my fav, but I’m always losing them in the bushes. Dog in santa hat with christmas toysAlso, mum's asking if you can bring me one of those Aussie Christmas thongs. She’s a bit tired of me chewing hers.

 Oh and you can wrap it all up in this gift box. That would look pawsome under the Christmas tree!


P.S I promise not to chase your reindeer this year.




  • Elise

    Dear santapaws,
    I was only a tiny little puppy last Christmas so I don’t remember much. But I have tried so hard to be a very good girl this year. I’ve learned so much from my pawrents. I can sit and stay, and always go to the toilet outside. I LOVE toys and treats and I hope Santa brings me lots of both from kazoo.
    Love Fifi 🐾

  • Slinky

    Dear Santa,
    I would love lots of treats left in my stocking and maybe some more squeaky toys, those are my favourite. My pawrents tell me I’ve been a good boy all the time.
    Love your 4 legged Friend,

  • Biggie

    Merry Christmas Everyone! Da Bigs is really hoping that Santa Paws bring lots of da squeakiest toys for Christmas. Dis is da bests type of toy ever. Oh and more cookies, Mum got mad that I stole the last box and ate dem all…

  • Deanna

    Love your Letter to Santa Paws❤️🐾🐾. My girl Zoobie would say she’s been a extremely good girl this year and has learnt if mum gets stuck out in the paddock and I’m inside I can go to the loo down the shower drain and everybody is happy. She would also love a squeaker reindeer from Kazoo too. 🐾🐾

  • Zahra.The.Lilac

    Dear Santa Kazoo,
    I has been the worlds best doggo this year. I am 10 months old and am so cute that mahm spoils me rotten with goodies. I am hoping that Kazoo Santapaws also feels the same about me this Woofmas. I have learned to “whisper” instead of bark, I’ve stopped chasing the squeaky swimming things in the pond, I now even share my Kazoo rubber tug toy with my pawfriends. If I win, I promise I will share maybe one little treato with you.
    Love from Zahra

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