An A to Zzz Guide To Dog Beds 😴


 Happy dog laying on two beds, next to a crate

Hi hoomans,

With winter in full swing, I thought I would take this oppawtunity to chat with you about something very close to my heart. No, not food, although admittedly, that is pretty important. No, I’m talking about beds.

Cave painting of wolves

About a million years ago my grrreat, grrrreat wolf ancestors pulled off a pretty neat trick. They emerged from the forests and crept into the camps of early neanderthal hoomans.

To this day, no one can be quite sure why they made this bold move. Perhaps it was to get close to the fire and escape the cold. Or perhaps they caught a whiff of roasting mammoth and decided they needed to get a piece of the action.

Whatever the reason, with this one simple manoeuvre, an incredible and enduring partnership was born.

Dog thinking about Libyan rock art dating back 7000 years depicting a hunter and his dog.

At first the relationship was very much a working one. Dogs helped on hunts, provided protection against nasty critters like sabre-tooth tigers, wolves and marauding tribes and generally made ourselves indispensable. And in return, we were given food.

We’ve been getting comfy for hundreds of years by our hooman's side!

Dog and human playing with a toy


But over time, hoomans started to realise just how loveable, loyal and intelligent we really were. And as they did, we went from being working partners to friends and finally part of the furmily.

As our status improved, so too did our sleeping arrangements. No longer were we relegated to the outdoors. Now we were allowed to sleep in the cave and enjoy the heat from the fire and scraps from the meal.

But then, on a momentous day sadly lost to antiquity, a soft-hearted neanderthal had the bright idea of throwing a blanket on the floor for us to sleep on. And, with that simple act of kindness, the first doggy bed was born.

Well, from that first blanket on the floor, things have evolved with breath-taking rapidity. Now doggo beds come in all shapes and sizes from simple floor cushions to orthopaedic beds with memory foam and contoured sides, security crates, outdoor beds, kennels and more.

Some of the most pawsome doggy beds are being made by my friends at Kazoo. So I thought I might run you through some of my furvourites.

 Collage of dogs in outdoor beds


We doggos love being inside with our hooman family. But sometimes, things can get a little hot. Particularly if you have a fire going or the central heating cranked up. We are wearing a fur coat, remember!

That’s why we like to have an outdoor bed where we can go to cool down or have a bit of alone time.

Furtunately, Kazoo have a wide range of outdoor beds for just such an occasion. From raised outdoor dog beds, with rust resistant frames, washable covers and double woven fabric, to Sleepin Round pet beds with unique ergonomic shape and windbreak design to protect us from the winter chills.

They’ve even made a Cabana Doghouse so that poochie can feel snug and secure in a home all of his own.

  Collage of dogs on different indoor beds


Our idea of doggy heaven is jumping up on the sofa and cuddling up next to you. Or even on the odd occasion, getting to sleep on that most holy of holies... the hooman bed.

But you know what we love most? Having our very own bed (or beds) in the house. A spot that is just for us where we can sleep, feel secure, chill, play with our toys or gnaw on a bone.

And that’s why Kazoo have designed a range of beds for every type of hound and every type of situation.

Here’s a quick lowdown:

  • Slumber beds: Pawfect for stretching out and getting our 12-15 hours of sleep.
  • Pouch dog beds with raised soft walls: Great for anxious dogs to snuggle into and feel safe.
  • Cosy nook dog beds: Have curved padded walls that mimic the way we like to lie.
  • Cave comfort dog beds with high walls: They make us feel snuggly and protected on all sides.
  • Orthopaedic possum beds with memory foam: These supportive dog beds help to take the pressure off our aching joints. Hey, we run a lot y'know!

 Happy dog inside a crate with a cover


When we're just a pup or when we arrive in a new environment, we like to feel safe. And that’s why Kazoo crates are the perfect solution. They’re sturdy, rustproof, collapsible and best of all, they make us feel pawtected. Especially if they have a comfy cushion inside.

But the Klever Krew at Kazoo haven’t stopped there. They’ve actually made specially designed wraps that go around the crates to make us feel extra secure. And here’s the kicker, they’ve even put little windows in them so we can keep an eye on our hoomans.

Puppy sleeping on a bed while getting head scratches


When it comes to sleeping, we dogs are the undisputed world champions. And that’s why the right bed is so important for us, with just the right amount of security, comfort, space and support.

So, if you are in the market for your next dog bed, check our Kazoo’s incredible range. We guarantee your hound will be on cloud (ca)nine.

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For your chance to win a Kazoo dog bed, simply:

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  • Jen

    @luna_the_littlelab is adorable. She sneaks off to the hooman bed around 8pm getting some serious snooze time in (generally with snores & legs in the air) before we gently coax her out to her own space when we go to bed. She’d happily stay in the hooman bed but we think a new snuggly kazoo bed wound be an ever better enticement.

  • Jaclyn Mottram

    My greyhound, Simon, loves a good snooze! He sleeps almost 18 hours a day and he’s only 5 years old! His cutest sleeping habit is that when he is asleep on the lounge next to me he has to ensure he is touching me in some way. Be it the tip of his nose, his paw or even just his ear! But he HAS to be touching me! He will nudge me if I move away at all. Simon has his own instagram @chillingwithsimon and mine is @jmottram

  • Radka Duncan


    I have 3 doggos and they all sooo different. Tilly loves to squish into the tiniest ball when she sleeps, Arnie loves to stretch out . He has the wildest dreams and it looks like he’s running most nights! And Dex loves nothing more than to cuddle next to me. He usually puts his nose into my armpit to keep it warm

  • Tahlia Pauls

    @Maggiemycollie Maggie has big brother and his name is Bronson, he’s a 60kg mastiff and just the sweetest boy.
    He’s a heavy boy and his cutest sleeping habit would have to be when he’s in a deep sleep taking deep breaths and his jowls start fluttering. Also when he sleeps upside down with paws to the sky, his face upside down is a sight to see. 😂

  • Lee Vella

    Instagram: pponyy16

    My little boy Bullitt needs a new bed cause he keeps hogging our bed but we love it when he does. The cutest thing is when he sleeps on his back or when he’s curled up into a ball. Would be amazing to get him a new bed

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